Dec 03, 2023 12:53 UTC
  • Hezbollah says undaunted by US, Israeli threats, will continue support for Gaza

A high-ranking official with Hezbollah says the Lebanese resistance movement will continue to support Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip and is not intimidated by US and Israeli threats.

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem said on Sunday that the resistance's strength lies with the Palestinians' right to their lands and their “will to fight till the last breath.”

“The resistance will endure and continue, and it is prepared for that, we are with you. We will provide what is necessary to help you win and the threats of the US and Israel will not intimidate us,” Lebanon’s el-Nashra newspaper quoted Sheikh Qassem as saying.

The Hezbollah official stressed that the Israeli regime achieved no goals in its weeks-long onslaught on Gaza, which began on October 7 after Hamas Operation Al-Aqsa Storm.

“During 50 days, the Israelis did not achieve any goals, even the prisoners were released in exchange [for captives] and not in the battle,” Sheikh Qassem said, referring to the Israel-Hamas truce which began on November 24 and was renewed twice before ending on Friday.

Under the truce, mediated by Egypt and Qatar, fighting was paused and humanitarian aid was allowed to enter Gaza as Hamas released 110 captives in exchange for Israel releasing 240 Palestinian prisoners.

“This war is absurd and has repercussions for the Israeli regime. The Palestinian people will emerge from this war stronger and more committed to their land and to their resistance, while the Israelis will be weaker and more anxious about the future,” he added.

The Hezbollah official also added that they will defeat Israel, however, they are “not in a rush to do so.”

Southern Lebanon has come under Israel’s sporadic attacks since the start of the war in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Hezbollah has in response carried out more than 1,000 retaliatory strikes on the occupied territories in support of Palestinians in the coastal territory.

Amal, Hezbollah in coordination against Israel

Ali Khreis, a senior Lebanese Parliament member, said in an interview with the Saudi-owned newspaper Asharq al-Awsat on Saturday that Lebanon’s Amal Movement is in “constant coordination” with Hezbollah in the fight against the Israeli regime and its support for Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.

“The Amal Movement is present in southern Lebanon militarily and logistically, and in case of any foolishness by Israel in attacking Lebanon and carrying out a ground offensive, we will be at the forefront of the resistance,” Khreis said.

Declining to provide further details on the Amal Movement’s activities in southern Lebanon, Khreis told the Saudi daily that they are performing the tasks of evacuating the injured in coordination with the International Red Cross and UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).

Khreis said the Lebanese movement is also helping the displaced residents by providing them with shelter and assistance

‘Israel suffered strategic failure’

Hussein Hajj Hassan, another Lebanese Parliament member, commended the resistance front’s support for Palestinians in Gaza and said the Israeli regime suffered a “strategic” setback in the besieged area.

“The Zionist enemy suffered such an unprecedented strategic failure that we will witness its severe repercussions for a long time,” Hajj Hassan said.

“From day one [of the war], the enemy was pursuing unattainable goals, including the destruction of Hamas, the reoccupation of Gaza, and the forced relocation of the Palestinians, which could not be achieved,” he added. 

“After 50 days of ground operations in the first stage, the Zionist regime was unable to win even a partial victory.”

“The patience and perseverance of the residents of Gaza is exemplary and great. We are witnessing massive changes in the Arab and Islamic world, and all these factors are causing the Zionist enemy to end up nowhere.”

‘Palestine to remain first issue of Muslims’

Hassan Mourad, another Lebanese parliamentarian, also lauded in an interview with Asharq al-Awsat newspaper Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation.

“Palestine will remain the first issue of the Muslim world and there will be no change in this regard. The truth will only emerge at the decisive moment. The people of Arab countries proved that they support the right and freedom of a resistance that grows day by day and is passed on from generation to generation,” Mourad said.

“Gaza emerged victorious due to the steadfastness of its resistance and the patience of its people, and it succeeded in breaking the will of the enemy.”