May 29, 2024 13:11 UTC
  • Israel worse than Nazis; future of Europe in Palestine/ A glance at developments of West Asia

Pars Today- The Zionist website, Ynet, announced that the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has faced with a new scandal related to Pfizer vaccines.

The US and British attack on Yemen, the scandal of Pfizer vaccines in the Occupied Territories, fear of Zionists over adding Israel's name in the UN blacklist, French magazine's warning on the loss of EU credit among Islamic nations, and continuation of the Israeli attacks in Gaza are among the news of west Asia in the past hours.

New US and British attack on Yemen

According to IRNA, the American British bombers on Tuesday night bombarded Yemen three times in support for Israel. According to the Yemeni sources, al-Jebana region, west of al-Hudaydah province, was the target of these attacks. Yemen has enforced maritime sanctions against Israel since the beginning of Israeli attacks on Gaza.

New scandal for Netanyahu; what is the reality on Pfizer vaccines?

The Israeli website Ynet announced on Tuesday that the researches of the regime's monitoring institutions reveal that the premier, without getting permission of the cabinet, had authorized the American Pfizer as the only distributor of coronavirus vaccines in the Occupied Territories.

Tel Aviv is in turmoil / horror of enlistment in the UN blacklist

According to Mehr news agency, after the spread of the likelihood of putting Israel's name in the UN blacklist, Zionist sources have informed of the fabricated regime's striving to prevent ratification of the UN sanctions against the regime in the aftermath of massacre of the Palestinian children. According to the Palestinian government's media office in Gaza, since the beginning of the new bout of Israeli attacks in Gaza on October 7, 2023, over 15 thousand children have been martyred by Zionists.

French magazine: Europe's future dependent on Palestine

The French magazine, Nouvel Obs, made it clear in a report that if Europe fails to overcome its indolence and rifts, to impose on the Zionist regime the ceasefire in Gaza and ending of violence and colonialism in the West Bank, it will lose its credit among the Islamic nations and also the Global South.

Le Nouvel Obs, stressing that the future of Europe will take place in Palestine, writes, "The future of this weak and isolated Europe besieged by hostile countries can be dark."

Israel continues attacks on Gaza

The information dissemination bureau of the Palestinian government announced on Tuesday evening that, for the past 48 hours, the Israeli occupying military has bombarded the refugee camps in the west of Rafah city where it claimed to be safe. The attacks have left 72 martyrs.

Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah: Israel is worse than Nazis

Secretary General of the Lebanese anti-terrorist movement Hezbollah, Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, pointing to the crimes of the Israeli occupiers in Gaza, said that the massacre in Rafah indicated the enemy's savagery, unmanliness and treason, and added, "We are facing an enemy who does not believe in any value or ethics and is worse than the Nazis."


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