Jun 20, 2024 13:13 UTC
  • New York Times: Israel getting lonelier every day / Israel has neither military nor diplomatic option against Iran

Par Today- The American daily New York Times wrote that the Zionist regime premier, Benjamin Netanyahu, has isolated the regime more than ever with his destructive policies.

This daily wrote in an article that Israel's policies are maddening even for peace time, but during the wartime they are absolutely lunatic. Israel is getting lonely day by day as no country wants to cooperate with these policies.

According to Pars Today, Thomas Friedman, American analyst and journalist, had already pointed to the issue in an article titled, "The Israel We Knew Is Gone".

Friedman wrote after the victory of the current extremist rightist coalition in the previous elections, "In this article, I had warned seriously about the extremism of this coalition. Many opposed me. Now the events show that they were wrong and the status quo is even worse than that time… Israel is in danger, today."

This American analyst admits that Israel stands before an Iran which is a regional power and this regime has neither a diplomatic response nor a military option against Iran. Friedman, pointing to Israel's facing with the prospect of war in three fronts of Gaza, Lebanon and the West Bank, added, "The Lebanese Hezbollah possesses precise missiles which can destroy vast parts of the Israeli infrastructures, ranging from airports and ports to military bases and power plants."

 Israel is run by a person who, as was put by Friedman, tries only for his remaining on power and wants to cling on power by any means rather than capitulating to trial and imprisonment.

This political expert believes that Netanyahu has sold out his spirit to form a cabinet of extremist rightist Jews.

Meanwhile, Ehud Barak, former Israeli prime minister, has recently said that if Netanyahu does not step down from power, Tel Aviv will soon find itself in a state that on one side it is involved in Gaza; in the north, it has entered a full-scale war with Hezbollah; and in the West bank, it faces with the third Intifada.

According to Ehud Barak, Ansarullah movement of Yemen and the Iraqi resistance are dealing blows to Israel and Iran, too, is standing seriously against Israel.

Thomas Friedman reiterated that the occurrence of these events will take the US to a widespread war in West Asia.

Like many Western theorists, this analyst, also recommended the American government to pressure Netanyahu to accept ceasefire for liberation of Zionist captives and pull out its forces from Gaza.

He, like many critics of the current situation, has called for Netanyahu's stepping down and holding of elections in the Occupied Territories.

Benny Gantz, member of the Israeli war cabinet, announced his resignation officially from Netanyahu's cabinet and called for holding early elections. Now the members of the extremist cabinet are seeking to gain more power.


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