Jun 21, 2024 13:37 UTC
  • Israel, worst regime for investment/ More investors escape from Israel due to its vague future

Pars Today- With the continuation of war in Gaza and Israeli crimes against Palestinians, migration and escape of capitals from the Occupied Palestine have increased in an unprecedented manner. Studies show that, in 2023, the effort of investors to exit the Occupied Territories increased %232.

While Israel had tried to justify its crimes in recent years, the war in Gaza further revealed the real image of this regime even to the citizens of the Western countries so that Israel was omitted from the list of the 10 top destinations of millionaires. According to Pars Today, quoting from the American website, Business Insider", efforts and pursuits for migration from the Occupied Territories to invest outside this region have increased 232 percent in 2023.

According to this report, Tel Aviv is no more among the 10 top places to absorb migrating investors and millionaires from the world and this event has occurred for the first time during several past decades.

In view of this, Henley and Partners firm reported that the continuous war has not only destroyed the Zionist regime as a safe place for investment, it has also turned the regime into a threat against its economic achievements.

Danny Marconi, senior advisor of the customers of this British firm in the Occupied Territories, pointing to the ever-increasing international isolation of the Zionist regime, owing to the genocide it has unleashed in Gaza, said, "The continuation of war has made the rich settlers who have trade and profits outside Israel and imperiled their trade and profits."

With continuation of war in Gaza, some countries have cut their diplomatic ties with Tel Aviv. This can make the trip with Israeli passport very dangerous and hard, just as replacements and communications with Zionists have become dangerous.

The senior advisor of Henley and Partners described the Zionist regime's exit from the 10 top destinations of millionaires as a quake-like incident.

The Israeli war against the Palestinians of Gaza has resulted in martyrdom of over 37 thousand innocent people, mostly women and children, and injury of more than 85 thousand. Moreover, the genocide of the people of Gaza and the restrictions imposed by the child-killer regime have caused severe shortage of food, water, medicine and fuel in the region and the lives of children and the elderly have been at risk more than ever.

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