“Pars Today” is an Iranian news website covering breaking news and the latest events in Iran, the Middle East and the wider world. We draw upon the immense expertise and resources of IRIB World Service, a broadcaster with over 70 years of experience.  Our existing news operations started in January 2016 based on a new media approach and we offer an online news service in more than 30 languages (Some languages will become operational in the near future) including Albanian, Armenian, Bangla, English, Russian, French, German , Hausa, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese , Kazakh, Swahili, Pashtu, Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish. The media services we offer include radio broadcasting and website including the social media. Our audience can also listen to the programs via internet and cellphone.

The political developments in the Middle East and the influence of Iran as a secure country on the path of progress in this increasingly important region of the world makes “Pars Today” a key player among media outlets.

Visit our website and get a real insight into the Middle East and the wider world.  Make “Pars Today” your news source.

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