Awaiting the Savior for the end of injustice

Awaiting the Savior for the end of injustice

Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran is celebrating the blessed birthday of the Saviour of Humanity, who was born over a millennium ago, and is in occultation until his reappearance by the will of God in the end times, to end corruption and oppression on Planet Earth by establishing the global government of peace, prosperity and justice.

Observances of the eve of mid-Sha’ban

Observances of the eve of mid-Sha’ban

Here we present you in brief the observances of this night of Sha’ban, especially in view of the eve of the blessed birth anniversary of the 12th and Last Infallible Imam, the eagerly awaited Mahdi al-Qa’em (AS), who will reappear in the end times to fill the earth with peace, prosperity, and justice by cleansing it of all vestiges of oppression and corruption.

Model of youthful uprightness

Model of youthful uprightness

Today we have a special feature for you on the birth anniversary of an immortal youth who, in defence of humanitarian values, drank the elixir of martyrdom in the prime of youth.

Tongue – the barometer of truth

Tongue – the barometer of truth

Yesterday and the day before we celebrated the blessed birth anniversaries respectively of the valiant standard-bearer of Karbala, Hazrat Abbas (PBUH), and the immortal martyr of Karbala, Imam Hussein (PBUH), while today we are basking the blessings of the birthday of the survivor of the heartrending tragedy of Karbala, Imam Ali ibn al-Hussein Zain al-Abedin (PBUH) – also known as Sajjad for his sincere acts of worship.

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