Islamic Republic Day

Islamic Republic Day

The Islamic Revolution in Iran triumphed on February 11, 1979. Less than 2 months after this greatest event of the 20th century, Imam Khomeini called on people to take part in a referendum to determine the type of the system of government. Therefore, on 30th and 31st of March, the nationwide referendum was held and over 98.2 percent of the participants voted yes to Islamic Republic as the ruling system in the country.

God’s month (9)

God’s month (9)

The 10th day of the blessed month of Ramazan is the anniversary of a sad day. On this day, the great wife of the Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Khadijah (peace upon her) passed away. Khadijah was the noble lady who spent whatever she had in the way of Islam. She was the first woman who believed in the religion of her husband Prophet Mohammad (SAWA).

God’s month (8)

God’s month (8)

Disease is not limited to our body. Rather many of diseases and pains are the ones that are spiritual. These diseases are much more dangerous. Prayer and supplication is the remedy for many of these spiritual diseases.

God’s month (7)

God’s month (7)

God has permitted His servants to call Him and ask Him for everything. In fact, this means to give the servants the key to the treasury of His mercy. Prayer and supplication is the key to open the door of God’s mercy. The path that God has ordained for the growth and training of human beings is full of trials and hardships.

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