Dec 04, 2023 12:19 UTC
  • Boosting performance of Khuzestan ports

The loading and unloading operation of oil products at Imam Khomeini Port has reached 71,250 tons and the first shipment of oil products to the UAE has been exported from Khorramshahr Port.

According to mrudnews, the ports in Khuzestan Province are recording good performance in recent years based on recent reports from port officials.

In Imam Khomeini Port, Davoud Chegeni, the Acting Deputy Head of Khuzestan's Ports and Maritime Department for Port And Economic Affairs, informed that simultaneous with the unloading and transfer of light oil from the vessel to the storage tanks in the oil zone of the Imam Khomeini Port, the process of loading oil materials from the tanks to the vessel has also been carried out.

The loading and unloading operation of oil products at Imam Khomeini Port recorded 71,250 tons, Chegeni added.  

According to Chegeni, the operation of the largest and most well-equipped terminal for petroleum products in commercial ports of Iran in the special economic zone of Imam Khomeini Port has improved the logistics performance indicators of this Port and has accelerated port operations. Simultaneously, it has increased the volume of transit and transport of petroleum products which has led to the satisfaction of the shipping companies who use this port.

The previous record of unloading and loading was 56,000 tons in 2022.

Similarly, in Khorramshahr Port, according to Ali Askari, the Director-General of Khorramshahr Ports and Maritime Department, the first shipment of oil products to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been loaded and exported from Khorramshahr Port in the southwestern Iran, while the permit for export of 10,000 petroleum products is also approved to the destination of the UAE.

These petroleum products were exported by four 2,500-ton vessels and in four stages of loading due to traffic restrictions in the Arvand waterway.

Thanks to the suitable facilities and infrastructures in Khorramshahr Port, the export of oil products from Khorramshahr Port to the UAE will increase direct and indirect employment for local people and also will lead to the growth of businesses.

Continued export of oil products to the UAE and other neighboring countries and developing other potentials of Khorramshahr Port is top agenda for the welfare and development of the region.