Mar 03, 2024 13:55 UTC
  • How Iran is entering the South Pole?

Pars Today - The trip of the Russian Deputy Prime Minister to Tehran and negotiations with Iranian officials indicate that the two countries have initiated significant cooperation in Iran's entry into the South Pole.

Ruhollah Modabber, a Russian affairs expert, stated that Iran is supposed to enter the South Pole, noting that with the largest center in the South Pole belonging to Russia, Moscow and Tehran are advancing significant cooperation in this area.

According to Modabber, Western countries are concerned about the increasing strategic cooperation between Tehran and Moscow and realize that this issue plays an important role in enhancing the capabilities of both sides and increasing Iran's deterrent power; one of the most important aspects being the reduction of sanctions impacts.

Emphasizing that Iran's presence in the South Pole requires substantial investments, he further said that with cooperation between Tehran and Moscow, Iran can use Russian facilities in the South Pole for its activities in the first step.

Modabber added, it should be noted that presence in this region has various dimensions, and Iran, by being present in the South Pole, will be placed among the top global powers in this regard.

It is worth mentioning that Alexander Novak, the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, in his trip to Tehran on February 28, met and conferred with a number of Iranian officials. In such circumstances, some experts believe that Alexander Novak's trip to Tehran should also be evaluated within this framework.

This news is taken from the Iranian newspaper Hamshahri.