Apr 13, 2024 12:16 UTC

Pars Today- Mojal, Iranian rapper had sung a bilingual (English-Farsi) song describing the Zionists' horror of Iran's military response to the Zionist regime's attacks which has gone on viral again.

After the attack of the Zionist regime fighters on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, the officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran, based on the international laws, stressed that taking revenge from and attacking the Zionist regime is Iran's legitimate right. Besides, users of cyberspace from different countries have also asked Iran to prevent the Israeli evil and danger with military power.

In view of this, a song titled, "No place for you" by Iranian rapper, Mojal, has gone on rival which, addressing the US president Joe Biden and the Zionist regime premier Benjamin Netanyahu, tells them that they have no choice but to submit to Iran's anti-colonist strategy.

In part of this song, the singer uses the phrase, "The rabid dog of the region has given birth to an evil thing" which refers to Imam Khamenei's sentence where he likened the Zionist regime to a rabid dog of the region and America's pet dog in West Asia.

 This song also mentions the role of the Resistance Axis to secure the region and introduces himself as an advocate of Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of the anti-colonialist and anti-Zionist current, Hezbollah.

 The song also points to Iran's missile attack on the American Ain al-Assad base in Iraq on January 8, 2020 in retaliation to the assassination of the top anti-DAESH Commander in West Asia, Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani.

The singer counts the week days and says in the end. "Always we say DOWN WITH USA".


The following is the full text of the song:


Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday

Wednesday Thursday Friday

Always we say DOWN WITH USA


The sun has risen

This jungle is almost hidden.


The region's rabid dog has delivered evil

Biden is hallucinating, he is ill.


Netanyahu has pillaged

No more place for you.


Hey, kid! Get away from here, get away

With Kornet we'll destroy your warship right away.


By force you've come, yet you'll be kicked out soon

You'll see each of your stars fallen very soon

The flood of Nile to Euphrates will take you to toilet flush soon.


Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday

Wednesday Thursday Friday

Always we say DOWN WITH USA


Everywhere here someone has slapped you

No one is found who has not insulted you.


Nothing to fear, like a mountain God is supporting me

I see the day you're lying dead like a dog in front of me.



 Hezbollah I am, the very Nasrallah I am

 Not standing, you should bow down where I am.


Come to kiss my hand while calling me "My Lord"

As it just fits you to serve me as I am your Lord.


Allahu Akbar, line up brave men!

We just move, God helps us then.


We say Heidar, causing Kheibar to shiver

After Ain al-Assad, enemies are scared of us here and there.


My storm "Qassam", in Al-Aqsa my concert I'll sing

Singing "Al-Qods-u Lana" with hands fisted so amazing.


The killer is a butcher, yet we keep calm full of emotion

Every year, surely, we'll celebrate your dissolution.




 Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday

Wednesday Thursday Friday

Always we say DOWN WITH USA


No more place for you

Hey, kid! Get away from here, get away.

With Kornet we'll destroy your warship right away.


 Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday

Wednesday Thursday Friday

Always we say DOWN WITH USA


Since October 2023, Israel has martyred over 33 thousand Palestinians and destroyed their houses in Gaza.

The core of the Israeli regime was created with the scheme of the colonialist Britain in 1917 through forceful migration of Jews from different countries to the Palestinian territory and its entity was announced in 1948. Ever since, different schemes of massacre have been perpetrated for genocide of Palestinians and seizure of their land.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is among the serious supporters of dissolution of the colonialist Israeli regime and return of Jews to their mother lands.