Jun 14, 2024 14:08 UTC
  • Standing on history's right side and Imam Khamenei's letter / long live reality

Pars Today - Standing on the right side of history is one of the most important concerns of human beings in the turning points of history. In view of this, the kind letter of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution to the American students has created hope in the hearts of these students.

Palestine, where every leaf of its olive trees is soaked in the blood of innocent women and children, is the mirror of innocence in front of mankind. The text that follows is a brief look at the issue of standing on the right side of history which was recently mentioned by Ayatollah Khamenei.

The world people from any race, color of skin and language spoken, have nowadays fixed their eyes towards Palestine and are waiting to see when this magnitude of bestiality and child-killing is going to end! They'd like to see when "humanity" will wake up, stand up and shout against the blatant oppression by Zionists and their cruel supporters: "End child-killing!"

Of course, the word "humanity" is absolutely unknown for Zionists as the massacre of the innocent children of Gaza has turned into an entertainment for them. Although this much of pain and calamity has failed to jolt the "conscience" of the Western and European rulers, it has been able to awaken a great part of the youths and elderly men and women in various parts of the world. It has jolted their humanity and drawn them to the streets to chant, "Free, free Palestine. No more child-killing. Death to Israel."

Meanwhile, the students of prestigious American universities, which receive many bright talents from all over the world, couldn't stay silent against this magnitude of crimes so that protest rallies have turned into a turning point in defending the innocent people of Palestine.

These protests started from the University of Colombia where students and some of the members of scientific board set up camps asking the university to stop investment in favor of Israel. These protests spread with violent police interference and detention of some of the students and professors. Yet, the wave of this move soon spread to more than 50 universities across the US and even some of the Western and European countries. 

However, the recent letter of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution to the American students, which was full of kindness and affection, has created hope in the hearts of these students, especially the part where he told them, "Dear young students in the United States of America! This is the message of our sympathy and solidarity with you. You are now standing on the right side of history which is tuning over the page."

Standing on the right side of history is one of the most important concerns of human beings in the sensitive points of history. It is very difficult to choose the right path in hard dilemmas. But, as if one of the important tools to discern right from wrong in such sensitive moments is to have a conscience which is aware and wakeful.

These students, who have been brought up in the ideological and intellectual space of the Western liberal democracy and have been constantly exposed to hollow slogans such as freedom, equality, justice and human rights, once they witnessed hundred percent opposite of these slogans in the conduct of their rulers, realized that all of the humanitarian slogans are mere ostentation and deceit. Sending arms and WMDs by the US and Britain to Israel to massacre children and women has laid bare the hidden inward of the Western materialistic policy and has been the source of a very big ignominy for the West's slogans of human rights and freedom. The events of the past 8 months further revealed that the Western liberal democracy is no more than an instrument to pressure free people in the world.

Ayatollah Khamenei in his letter disclosed that the West can no more conceal reality with all media and financial tools and even enforcement of pressure, and the awakening of students' movement is strongly moving forward.

Another important point in the Leader's sentence, "You are standing on the right side of history", is that he has stressed for the youths in the West and even all over the world that when humanity wakes up in human being and he prefers defense of the oppressed to his vested interests, then he is in the right and Godly path and will surely enjoy God's favor.

Ayatollah Khamenei's letter to the American students supporting Palestine has indeed given the good news of a bright future for them. This future is the change of history and decline of the deceitful policies of the West and beginning of a new chapter in the political and humane life.


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