Jun 16, 2024 14:58 UTC
  • 10 strange points about Sweden's anti-human rights behaviors in the case of Iranian citizen Hamid Nouri

Pars Today - The judicial case of Hamid Nouri, an Iranian citizen arrested in Sweden, has been accompanied by the strangest events from the beginning of his arrest.

Nouri who was illegally arrested by Swedish police on November 9, 2019, at Stockholm Airport, with political motives and to put pressure on Iran, was released from prison and returned to Tehran on June 15, 2024. In this article investigated by Pars Today, we will review 10 strange points about the judicial case and imprisonment of Hamid Nouri.


1. The longest solitary confinement in the world

Hamid Nouri was detained in Swedish prisons for 1,680 days, equivalent to 40,320 hours, which is considered the longest solitary confinement in the world.

2. The most uninformed prisoner in the world

Nouri had no news from his family from the moment of his arrest until 8 months later, making him the most uninformed prisoner in the world.

3. The most restricted prisoner in the world

Nouri was not allowed to have regular phone calls or meetings with his family during his 56 months of imprisonment in Sweden, and he did not have access to an interpreter.

4. The most deprived of medical care prisoner in the world

Hamid Nouri was deprived of a simple eye examination by an ophthalmologist for nearly 5 years. He also contracted COVID-19 and broke his leg in prison!

5. The most one-sided trial in the world

During more than 90 court sessions, 65 members of the terrorist group Mojahedin-e Khalq (MKO) testified against Hamid Nouri, but he was not allowed to introduce even one witness to the court.

6. The most unrelated judicial verdict

Some members of the terrorist organization MKO prepared a complaint and file in the UK. The subject of the complaint was related to events in Iran and an Iranian citizen. Later, Sweden intervened in the complaint and issued a life imprisonment sentence for Nouri.

7. The most brutal police

The Swedish police, on one of the nights when Nouri was studying the indictment to defend himself in court the next day, forcibly took the indictment from him and severely beat him, injuring one of his ears.

8. The most deceptive judicial action

During Nouri's detention, the Swedish police approached him with an Iranian-origin officer who could speak Persian, and used Nouri's conversations with the Iranian police officer as evidence against him in court.

9. The strangest judicial document in the world

The Swedish prosecutor presented a Nowruz congratulatory message from Hassan Rouhani, the President of Iran at the time, which was sent systematically to all Iranian citizens and was on Nouri's phone, as a piece of evidence to prove Nouri's importance and position in Iran.

10.  The most disappointed individuals related to this case

The terrorist group MKO, with all the investment and expenses they made on this case, and Iraj Mesdaghi as the main orchestrator of the affair, are currently the most disappointed individuals related to this case.



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