Jun 16, 2024 03:32 UTC
  • Iran planning to launch several satellites
    Iran planning to launch several satellites

Pars Today: Head of the Iranian Space Agency informed of the country's decision to launch several satellites in the current Iranian year.

Hassan Salarieh, head of the ISA, announced that Iran has numerous programs for launching satellites this year and added, "The Islamic Republic of Iran has gained spectacular achievements in the 13th administration and with the will and resolve of its martyred president. According to Pars Today, Salarieh said in this regard that the Islamic Republic has launched 12 satellites for the past three years 10 of which were domestic and 2 others were international.

Meanwhile, according to the head of the ISA, Iran will have two space launches till the end of the 13th administration. The first one will carry a sample research satellite and the second one will carry the orbital transfer block and its orbital test will be done in this launch.

Among the countries possessing the space cycle, six countries including Iran, have successfully launched living creatures to the space and, in the field of satellite-carrier, only 12 countries have the capability to design, manufacture and launch this device. The Islamic Republic is among these 12 countries.

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