May 25, 2024 08:44 UTC
  • We are not like you, aggressors against women and children/Hamas\\\'s statement on fabricated Israeli video
    We are not like you, aggressors against women and children/Hamas\\\'s statement on fabricated Israeli video

Pars Today - The Islamic Resistance Movement of Palestine, Hamas, issued a statement on Thursday, announcing that a video circulating on Zionist media about Israeli female prisoners is fabricated and manipulated.

In the statement, Hamas noted: "The release of such a video at this time is part of the failed efforts of the occupying regime to discredit the brave Palestinian people's resistance by spreading fabricated narratives, which have been repeatedly proven false through media investigations with evidence and documents."

The movement added: "The scenes show female soldiers at a military base who were arrested during their activity in the Gaza Strip command, wearing civilian clothes because they were on leave, especially since the attack took place on Saturday morning, October 7, which was their day off."

Hamas also emphasized that some scenes in the video were intentionally cut and selected to promote the occupier's claims and lies about the abuse of female soldiers.

According to the movement, the video shows deliberate distortions and manipulation in the English translation, using fabricated words that were not spoken by any of the resistance fighters shown in the video, either in Arabic or English, which proves the falsification of the Zionist narrative.

As reported by Al-Mayadeen, Hamas announced that the presence of minimal bloodstains or minor injuries on some female soldiers is expected in such an operation, and the scenes do not show any physical abuse against any of them, but rather a conversation between the fighters and female soldiers without any violence.

The movement emphasized that female soldiers were treated according to the resistance's ethical principles, and no mistreatment of female soldiers was proven in this unit, despite the fact that they caused the killing of hundreds of protesters in peaceful demonstrations on the Gaza borders.

In conclusion, the statement emphasized that all images and scenes published in the recent prisoner exchange operation show good treatment of them by the resistance forces in Gaza, in contrast to the torture and killing of male and female resistance prisoners in the occupier's prisons.

According to the report, Israeli media published videos of five female soldiers in the Zionist regime's army, claiming that they were arrested during the al-Aqsa storm operation on October 7 and subjected to abuse.

An American media outlet also admitted on Wednesday that the claim of "sexual assault" by Hamas fighters against Zionists on October 7 was false.

Associated Press reported: What Israeli "Haim Otmazgin" reported about sexual violence during the October 7 attack, which was widely reflected around the world, turned out to be untrue.


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