Jun 13, 2024 15:21 UTC
  • Widest attack of Hezbollah on Occupied Territories
    Widest attack of Hezbollah on Occupied Territories

Part Today- According to the reports, many areas in Safed city of the Zionist regime experienced power blackout as a result of Hezbollah's heavy missile attack.

During the widest attack by the Lebanese resistance, 100 missiles targeted the Tabaria region of the northern Occupied Palestine for the first time. This was the biggest attack of Hezbollah in terms of the number and type of the missiles. According to Pars Today, the attack caused sirens to sound in the north of Occupied Palestine.

It is said that the Israeli arms manufacturing company, Rafael, was the direct target of Hezbollah in this attack.

As a result of the missile attack, many neighborhoods of the Safed city went in blackout.

The Palestinian news agency, SAMA, has also reported that many missiles hit the Zionist regime's strategic airbase, Meron, and the adjacent areas of Jabal al-Jormok Mount in northern Occupied Palestine. No reports have, yet, been released on the number of the Zionist regime's casualties.

The Lebanese Hezbollah has targeted the military positions of the Israeli regime in the north of the Occupied Territories for the past months after the horrible crimes of the regime in the Gaza Strip and genocide of the Palestinians in the region.

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