Jun 16, 2024 03:38 UTC
  • Will Israel be caught in Hezbollah's trap?

Pars Today- As media hype increases on the likely Israeli expedition and attack to south of Lebanon, more and more estimates are heard on the scale of preparedness of resistance to deal a reciprocal blow to Israel.

The reason for emergence of Hezbollah in Lebanon was to expel the military Zionist occupiers from the Lebanese soil and prevent the new invasion of this soil by the fake regime. Mehr news agency has just published an article on the vulnerability of Israel against Hezbollah. Here we are going to have look at the issue.

The clash and war between Hezbollah and Israel date back to early 1980s, the time of foundation of Hezbollah. The 2000 and 20026 wars between Hezbollah and Israel provided the ground for pushing back the Zionist military and stabilizing this historical achievement through the UN Security Council resolution 1701.

After the Operation al-Aqsa Storm, this likelihood was raised by experts on a new fight between Hezbollah and Israel after 17 years.

In spite of diplomatic efforts by the US, France and Qatar to prevent this scenario, it seems that the tensions have reached a new level and every moment Israel might make in incursion into towards the south of Lebanon.

The military capabilities of Hezbollah of Lebanon

According to the information released by Hezbollah, the number of this movement's forces are estimated to be nearly 100 thousand, though some of the Western sources have announced the figure as 50 thousand (30 thousand active forces and 20 thousand reserve forces).

Sky News has announced in a report that the number of Hezbollah's missiles amount to 100 thousand, but some other sources have announced the number to be 150-200 thousand.

Simultaneous launching of the resistance missiles enables Hezbollah to target vital infrastructures in Israel, like ammoniac reservoirs in Haifa port. Another strategic weapon of Hezbollah is combating the Israeli military are the drones which, while making the "Iron Dome" busy, target this defense system directly.

During the recent days, the pictures published on targeting the Iron Dome system of Israel with Almas missiles of Hezbollah have been one of the newest surprises for the Israeli defense units.

The anti-tank and anti-vessel missiles are another nightmare for Zionists in any likely battle with Hezbollah to revive the memories of the 33-day war.

Hezbollah, also, has a network of tunnels and trenches in the borders with the Occupied Palestine which can act as a great surprise for Israel in the battle in different border areas. These secret tunnels enable Hezbollah to target the Israeli tanks and armored vehicles with various types of snipers, anti-armor rockets and light drones. Another capacity of this network is to infiltrate deep into the Occupied Territories. The asymmetric forces of Hezbollah, using the natural situation of the northern front, can be much more effective than 17 years ago to deal blows to the fake regime of Israel.

Regarding a series of events after October 7, 2023, there is the likelihood that Israel, in order to establish security in the north, may choose widespread war instead of diplomatic talks in a bid to undermine Hezbollah in the northern borders. Now, we should wait to see if Netanyahu will accept the high risk of attacking Lebanon to control tension?

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