May 22, 2024 06:31 UTC
  • Is it not time for Western media to stop deception?

Pars Today- Euronews channel has, for the recent days, broadcast several times the news related to demonstration of European institutions' personnel in solidarity with the victims of Gaza, and considered it as a sign of the Western official institutions' respect for human rights!

The prospect of the Gaza war developments and the Israeli military's invasion of Rafah, where hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have taken refuge, has infuriated many people all over the world.

In view of this, a group of employees of the EU bodies in Brussels, as a sign of mourning for Gaza victims and what they call as "death of European values" have held the demonstration of silence for a while.

Euronews and other Western media, in an inhumane narration of the recent aggression of Zionists into the eastern Rafah, have tried to denote it as an unimportant and provisional operation.

In other words, the Western media are intent to insinuate the false proposition to the world public opinion that the Rafah war has not happened as what it has to!

Nonetheless, the world public opinion still remembers how in the second month of the war, and after martyrdom of thousands of Palestinians, German Chancellor, Olaf Sholtz, described the explicit genocide in the Gaza Strip as the manifestation of legitimate defense of Zionists of their rights.

At that time, Euronews very bombastically paid attention to and stressed Sholtz's claim as a "correct proposition". During the recent protests of students in the US and some of the European countries, too, Euronews considered such uprisings as obvious examples of anti-Semitism and supported the police's entering the university and detention of protesting students.

In such circumstances, hypocritical and futile protest of the EU official bodies' personnel is no more than mockery of the world public opinion. The European institutions' personnel have staged the silent demonstration in protest against a crisis which they themselves have been involved in creation, persistence and stabilization of it.

Euronews and other European media, instead of covering this news, had better speak of more important questions including the role of intelligence and spying services of Germany and France in the genocide in Gaza and the West's clandestine and unofficial dealings with Zionists in the fields of logistics and arms.

Zionist lobbies dominating European parties and media not only are not discontent at all with the silent demonstration of European institutions' personnel against the Gaza war, but also consider it as a way of breath for their poisonous propaganda amidst attacking Rafah.

The new job of Euronews is to diminish the level of anti-Zionist protests in the West and, consequently, portray the brave protests of students as radical and illogical. This vicious media circle in Europe has been confirmed by the two traditional Social-Democratic and Conservative currents for recent years and decades.

However, the Gaza war has turned into the historical turning point in the public awareness of the European and American people and the main outcome of this collective awareness will be to smash the Western media system.

Source: Ghafari, Hanif, 2024. vicious media circle in Europe, Farhikhtegan daily


Key phrases: Propaganda in the West, public opinion distortion, public opinion control, war in Gaza, Western media