Jun 05, 2024 07:52 UTC
  • US intensifying Islamophobia to support Israel

Pars Today- Islamophobia is a phenomenon in the US which is flagrantly in contrast with freedom and has caused the American youths to mistrust their government.

On Thanksgiving Day in the US in November 2023, three Palestinian students, aged 20, who were walking around Burlington, Vermont, were suddenly shot by an unknown person.

Hisham Awartani was one of the victims of this shooting who is now paralyzed from the waist down.

As these three students were wearing keffiyehs and speaking Arabic and English, the assumption is that these young men have been the victim of an Islamophobic attack.

Middlebury College of Vermont described the event as an evidence of "remarkable surge of Islamophobic acts in the American universities."

Elizabeth Price, mother of Awartani, said in a radio interview that she had brought up three children in the West Bank, where children are accustomed to face the violence of Israeli military and settlers, and that she never believed that Hisham would be shot in the US.

She continued that she never thought that to be a Palestinian means to be unsafe even in the US.

Undoubtedly, Islamophobia is a big problem which has embroiled the United States and beyond. The prevalent feeling is that the lives of Muslims really do not matter, since nearly one million Muslims were killed during the wars of the US in West Asia. Therefore, the lives of over 36 thousand mostly Muslim Palestinians, who have been massacred in Gaza, does not matter at all for the US. Muslims in the US are still vulnerable against violence and their security and welfare is subjected to threat just as it is true about Arabs and Palestinians.

Moreover, some of the American organizations consider any kind of tendency towards Islam as anti-Semitism.

The American youths, who are today in the center of massive protests, notably believe that to restore the rights of the Palestinians, it needs to struggle against Islamophobia. These youths also know that to save the US from anti-Islamic prejudices requires to rescue the Palestinian people from the US oppression.

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