Apr 20, 2019 00:29 UTC

Welcome to another weekly episode of the program. Figures of Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO, show that the Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the major producers of agricultural products in the world and is able to completely fulfill its food needs as well as the needs of Persian Gulf littoral states. Iran has global ranks in producing one third of main agricultural products.

Stay with us to hear more about the global status of Iran in producing agricultural products.

Providing food safety and expansion of the agriculture sector have always been among the concerns of governments.

The agriculture is one of the strategic fields of the countries' economy. Providing food within the agriculture sector becomes more important given that the world population is growing incessantly. According to FAO, the world population will reach nine billion within four decades. This is while the main sources of agriculture including water and soil are decreasing on a daily basis. Besides, factors like climate change and global warming make the conditions for farming harder year by year. Moreover, global statistics indicate that the rural population is on a downward spiral. This trend is seen across the world. The negative consequences of this phenomenon can be seen more evidently in what is called "the developing countries".

Agriculture has been human being's oldest productive activity. Today, from the point of view of economic expansion, providing food and food safety for the growing population, providing sufficient capital for importing investment goods by increasing export of agricultural products, and presentation of raw materials needed for industry are among the important duties and roles of agriculture sector.

Increasing agricultural products on one hand decreases the need for buying food staff from abroad, and on the other hand, it is in less need of investment in comparison to the industry sector.

Because of the importance of agriculture sector, experts believe that it can play an important role in booming the economy of countries. Thus, governments should pave the way for the growth and development of this sector. That is why agriculture sector in many countries has been the axis of development.

According to the FAO sources, the main structure of the world’s agricultural products depends on 66 items including 41 agricultural products and 25 animal products.

On the global trade it should be noted that importing and exporting agricultural products depends on 35 main products. From among the world countries, 64 export farming products while 55 export horticultural products. According to the existing information, more than 200 countries are active in the field of producing agricultural products. The Islamic Republic of Iran is among these countries. In Iran the agriculture sector is of paramount importance. Almost one third of Iran’s lands has the capability for farming activities.

Figures of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) show that the Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the biggest producers of agricultural products in the world. It is able to completely fulfill its food needs as well as the needs of Persian Gulf littoral states. Iran has global ranks in producing one third of main agricultural products.

Figures and statistics indicate that Iran is one of the seven countries with regards to producing more than 20 significant agricultural products. Iran also ranks third regarding the diversity of horticultural products as it produces 15 main horticultural products. The Islamic Republic also has the first to tenth ranks in producing 10 special agricultural products. Iran exports its agricultural products to many countries including Iraq, Russia, China, Hong Kong, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Spain and UAE.

Not to mention saffron and pistachio, as the two brands of Iran, the Islamic Republic is the second producer of date and apricot in the world. The Islamic Republic also ranks third in producing almond, cherry, cucumber, and watermelon in the world. As for 29 important agricultural products like apple, quince, walnut, fig, peach, lime, onion, tomato, hazelnut, orange, peach, kiwi, honey, tea, eggplant, potato, barley and soybean, Iran is among the 20 first countries in the world.

Iran’s date is very popular and has many customers in some countries like India. Iran’s melon is also of best quality and has many customers in Iraq. Iran’s white and red cabbages are also among the bestselling agricultural products. The Iranian pomegranate is of the best quality in the world and is popular among many countries including South Korea. The Islamic Republic is among the main countries which produce rice, sunflower seeds, meat and milk.

The Islamic Republic of Iran seeks to hold specialized exhibitions in the field of agriculture in a bid to present the latest achievements in the area of food products and related industries, interaction and marketing products and related services, manufacturing agricultural machinery and equipment, producing the basic materials of animal feed, packaging industry, consulting, exchanging experiences and boosting trade relations between domestic and international companies.

The fourth Iran Green Trade Fair will be held with the purpose of promoting the quality and quantity of products like fruit, vegetables, fresh cut flowers and plants in April 2019.

Irrigation systems, farming tools, greenhouse equipment, and ornamental plants are also a part of the fair.

More than 140 companies from Germany, Italy, France, Japan, and India will participate in the fair.

The first round of Iran Green Trade Fair was held in September, 2016.