Jan 25, 2023 06:30 UTC
  • Raeisi says Iran-Syria ties based on ‘spirit of resistance,’ Tehran vows support for Syria’s reconstruction

Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi says relations between Iran and Syria are predicated on the two countries’ spirit of resistance, stressing that Tehran will stand by Damascus in reconstructing the war-ravaged Arab county as it did during its fight against terrorism.

Raeisi said in a meeting with visiting Syrian Defense Minister Ali Mahmoud Abbas in Tehran on Tuesday that Iran-Syria relationship is “strategic” as their ties are based upon “shared beliefs,” and the “spirit of resistance” shown by their people.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is a true friend of the Syrian nation because as it stood by the Syrian nation and government during the resistance against terrorism, it is ready to stand by them during the reconstruction period by strengthening economic cooperation in all fields,” he added.

The Iranian president also commended the Syrian armed forces’ efforts to protect their country’s nation and government against seditions as a “promising prospect for the future of Syrians.”

Abbas, for his part, said his country emerged victorious in the war on terrorism thanks to “support from its brothers and true friends,” adding that Syria will continue to act as a “ring in the chain of resistance” stronger than in the past.

“The enemies have always been watching for an opportunity to damage the deep and brotherly relations between Syria and Iran, but the ties between the two countries are too deep-rooted and strong for anyone to harm them, and these relations will be more extensive and deeper ever than before,” Abbas underlined.

Iran maintains an advisory mission in Syria at the request of Damascus with the aim of helping the war-torn Arab country get rid of the foreign-backed militants, who have been fighting against the democratically-elected Syrian government since 2011.

Iran’s advisory assistance helped Syria defeat the Daesh terrorist group and rid most of its soil of Takfiri terrorism, with late anti-terror commander Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani playing a key role in the defeat of the Takfiri outfit.