Sep 26, 2023 06:54 UTC
  • #ItShallNeverBurn: Press TV campaign against Quran burnings trends globally

The highlight of this year’s United Nations General Assembly summit in New York was the persuasive, power-packed and widely applauded speech by Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi.

At the premier conference of world leaders, President Raeisi minced no words in showing Western hegemonic powers a mirror and laid bare their blatant hypocrisy on democracy and human rights.

He strongly denounced the desecration of the Holy Quran in some European countries and eloquently defended the Muslim holy book by saying that the word of God “does not burn” and is “eternal.”

“It shall never burn. It is eternal,” President Raeisi proclaimed in chaste Persian, pointing to the enduring and overwhelming appeal of the Muslim holy book beyond the frontiers of time and space.

Iranian president’s speech in general and his remarks about the Holy Quran were commended widely.

Following the speech, the Press TV website launched a social media campaign with the hashtag #ItShallNeverBurn, which has been trending worldwide in recent days across social media platforms.

Press TV website invited social media users to share photos and videos, honoring the Holy Quran and giving a fitting answer to those who seek to fan the flames of hate toward sacred Muslim sanctities.

Soon, hundreds of thousands of social media users from South Asia to Africa to Latin America to West Asia joined the campaign and began recording and sharing videos of themselves, repeating what President Raeisi said in his UNGA speech about the Holy Quran – “It shall never burn.”

Many held a copy of the Holy Quran in their hands and posted images with the viral hashtag - #ItShallNeverBurn, taken from President Raeisi's powerful UNGA speech.

Most of the users cited “It Shall Never Burn” and “It Is Eternal” to convey a message to hate-mongers in the West who have weaponized Islamophobia against the Muslim community.

The campaign is still going strong on all social media platforms as more users from various countries continue to join in and share their thoughts, images and videos with the #ItShallNeverBurn hashtag.