Dec 03, 2023 08:13 UTC
  • US definitely complicit in Israeli crimes, mass killings against Gazans: Tehran

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman has said that the United States is “undoubtedly” responsible for Israel’s “war crimes” and the “genocide” against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

In a post published on X late on Saturday Nasser Kan’ani condemned Israel’s “gruesome” crimes, as the regime resumed its bombardment campaign and ground offensive against the besieged enclave after the talks for extending the 7-day temporary truce broke down on Friday.  

“The strike by jet fighters of the Zionist regime on a residential complex in Gaza’s Jabalia [refugee] camp – home to displaced and homeless people, which left more than 100 martyrs and wounded dozens [of individuals], together with the attack against the al-Shujaiya residential neighborhood in the east of Gaza City with more than 60 martyrs, added another black and shameful record to the long list of war crimes committed by the Zionist regime against the oppressed Palestinian nation over the past 50 days,” he wrote.

He blamed Israel’s “appalling crimes” on the US administration’s “all-out support” for the Zionist regime.

“Some reports by American news outlets revealed that Washington has supplied the apartheid Israeli regime with thousands of new bombs,” he added.

“There is no doubt that the US administration is complicit in the war crimes, mass killings, and genocide of Palestinians by the usurping Zionist regime,” Kan’ani pointed out.

An estimated 300 people were massacred and hundreds more wounded on Saturday after 50 residential buildings were leveled by Israeli fighter jets in the Shujaiya neighborhood, according to the Palestinian civil defense in Gaza.

Residents say up to 1,000 people lived in the targeted area in Shujaiya, a densely populated neighborhood in eastern Gaza City.  

“The numbers are huge,” the spokesperson for the civil defense in Gaza, Mahmoud Basal, said. “At least 300 are martyred and many more are missing under the rubble.”

Basal added the civil defense teams do not have the means or the equipment to handle the “massacre.”