Mar 03, 2024 07:29 UTC
  • President Raeisi: Gaza war pits axis of evil against axis of nobility

Pars Today – Iranian President Seyyed Ibrahim Raeisi has emphasized that the current war in Gaza can be thought of as a war between the "axis of evil" and the "axis of nobility". He stressed that those who have remained silent vis-a-vis Israeli crimes in Gaza will receive a powerful slap in the face.

Speaking at the seventh summit of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) in Algeria, President Raeisi referred to the inability of the UN Security Council to pass a resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, placing the blame squarely at the foot of the United States, which has vetoed several UN Security Council resolutions calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.  The Iranian president poignantly added: "The Americans are doing everything in their power to support Israel's state-organized terrorism.  American and European bombs are raining down on innocent Palestinians, exacting revenge from the Palestinian cause".   

Israel started its genocidal war against the defenseless Palestinian population of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank of the Jordan River in early October 2023, with the full backing of Western countries. The massacring of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank has shocked the international community and has been forthrightly condemned by much of the world.

According to the latest reports from Gaza, over 30000 Palestinians have been martyred, over 70000 have been injured, since Israel launched its brutal aggression on Gaza in early October 2023.

Following Britain's colonial rule in Palestine, and ending of the British mandate there, with London's connivance and support, the Zionist regime of Israel was established on Palestinian soil in 1948.

Since then, the Israeli regime has regularly massacred Palestinians using a variety of pretexts, occupying more and more of their land, with the ultimate aim of annexing the entire territory.