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  • Iran, the country of rose and rose-water extraction
    Iran, the country of rose and rose-water extraction

Pars Today- The ceremony of rose-water extraction has its roots in the Iranian culture and tradition and it is held every year in 14 provinces where rose flower is planted. Given this, rose picking and rose-water extraction have turned into one of the important tourist attractions of Iran in Kashan and Meymand of Fars province in spring.

This ceremony is usually held from early Ordibehesht (late April) till late Khordad (mid-June) according to the climate and weather conditions. Thus, thousands of tourists from Iran and abroad take part in the ceremony.

Picture of picking rose flowers by an Iranian lady

Persian Rose is among the flowers whose name is reminiscent of Iran. This flower has been planted in Iran for centuries and its pink color gives additional beauty to plains and greenhouses, especially in the second Iranian month of Ordibehesht (late April till late May).

Persian Rose

Today, the city of Kashan is the pole of rose-water extraction in the world and the two counties of Qamsar and Niasar have the most workshops for this industry. The counties of Qamsar, Niasar, Jowshaqan, and Barzok in the Kashan region, provide more than 15 thousand tons of heavy rose water, and a big bulk of this amount is exported to other countries.

Picture of gathering rose flowers for rose-water extraction

With the growth of rose flowers, men and women of the villages of Kashan in Isfahan province and Meymand in Fars province rush to the farms to pick the flowers. Picking of rose flowers is often done in the morning before it gets warm.

Picture of rose-picking ceremony in Iran

While picking the flowers, hundreds of wreaths and flower crowns are made and put around the heads of children.

A child smiles with a rose wreath on her head

In some villages, rose flowers are sprinkled over the heads of brides while wishing the best for them.

Picture of sprinkling rose over a bride

Gol-Ghaltan is another custom that is traditionally held in the season of rose picking.

Picture of Gol-Ghaltan custom

A child, who is usually less than one year old, is laid in the middle of a lot of flowers while the child's parents and relatives wish a good calm life for it.

Rose picking is an opportunity for the expression of love and it makes no difference if you are a man, woman, young or old.

Flower, a beautiful gift to express love

After picking the flowers, they are put in big baskets or sacks.

Picture of collecting rose flowers in baskets

The picked flowers are cleaned so that the best rose-water is extracted from them.

Rose flowers are poured into large copper pots to be distilled and turned into pure Iranian rose water.

Picture of pouring rose flowers in copper pots for rose-water extraction

In the traditional way of rose-water extraction, the copper pot is put on fire and nearly 30 kilograms of the flowers are poured in it. Then 80 liters of water is added and the lid of the pot is fixed. Now, a weight is put on it to control the steam pressure. Finally, using a special material, composed of rose residue and bread flour, the edge of the pot and the lid are completely covered.

Picture of the rose-water extraction process      

The result will be pure Iranian rose water.

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