Jun 19, 2024 05:00 UTC
  • The growing popularity of Iranian artist Mostafa Zamani in Arab world
    The growing popularity of Iranian artist Mostafa Zamani in Arab world

Pars Today - Following his brilliant performance in the Iraqi series "Amerli", Mostafa Zamani has now starred in the film "Fragrant" directed by Hadi Moghadamdoost, which has recently been released in cinemas.

"Fragrant" is a romantic melodrama about a man who wants to create a perfume that no one has ever experienced before. According to Pars Today, this film is Zamani's latest presence in cinema. Prior to this, he had an international presence in the Iraqi series "Amerli".

The series "Amerli" referred to the events of the city of Amerli in Iraq, which was besieged by Daesh terrorist group forces in June 2014, putting its residents at risk of severe famine and war.

Directed by Ahmad Masoud Ahmad, the series, starring Mostafa Zamani and Nariman al-Salehi, achieved more success than expected, and Arab-speaking audiences highly praised his performance in the series.

"Amerli", which was on air during the holy month of Ramadan, also won the Golden Crescent Award in Iraq. After this series, Zamani's popularity not only increased in Iraq but also in other Arab-speaking countries.

Zamani's performance in the series “Prophet Joseph”, which was dubbed in Arabic and broadcast on Iran’s Al-Kawthar TV, was also highly acclaimed by Arab-speaking communities.

Given Zamani's popularity, it is expected that his presence in cinema and television in Arab countries will continue.

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