Apr 24, 2024 03:28 UTC
  • How will Iran & Israel war be without Western intervention?
    How will Iran & Israel war be without Western intervention?

Pars Today- With the end of Iran's penal attack against Israel, military analysts have reviewed the dimensions and consequences of this war.

One of the fields which is addressed by many analysts is the weakness and strength of the Israeli defense system. During the Iranian attack on the Occupied Territories on the 13th of April, the "Iron Dome" proved its failure and many Iranian drones and missiles passed through the Israeli defensive wall.

Now, military analysts are examining the "why" of this issue and the troubles that Israel will face in the likely wars in future.

Iran’s penal attack on Israel: An injury which won't be healed

The remarks of the former Israeli Premier, Ehud Olmert, on the performance of the Zionist regime's defense system have created more doubts on the capabilities and capacities of the occupiers to confront Iran's attack and the attacks of the Palestinian Resistance in case of no assistance from the Western big powers.

Olmert has said in a statement, "The Israeli army wouldn't succeed to repel over 75% of Iran's goals without the help of other countries [its allies]."

This opinion is exaggerated according to an expert of military and strategic issues, Colonel Hatam Karim al-Fallahi.

Hatam Karim al-Fallahi, too, believes that Israel alone has not been able to intercept and destroy 75% of Iran's drones and missiles, but this military analyst, in an interview with al-Jazeera TV channel, emphasized that Israel is alone against Iran, hence, unable in a great war against Iran.

According to an al-Jazeera report, Iran announced on Friday dawn that a few blasts had occurred in the sky of Isfahan and stressed that no missile attack had happened against the country and no harm had been inflicted on its installations. This is while, the American media, quoting the American officials said that Israel had attacked Isfahan in response to Iran's retaliatory attacks on April 13.

According to Hatam Karim al-Fallahi's analysis, the Iranian attack exposed many realities on the capabilities and capacities of the Israeli army. Among the revealed weaknesses are the fragility of the Israeli air defense system. Meanwhile, the frailty of the "Iron Dome" was disclosed more than ever. The so-called "Iron Dome" had failed to counter the missiles launched from the Gaza Strip.

Al-Fallahi adds in this regard, "Israel, without the interference of the three great powers, namely, the US, Britain and France, cannot intercept and down even 25% of the missiles launched towards the Occupied Territories."

Which weapons were used in the recent attacks?

According to al-Fallahi's announcement, Israel possesses three defense systems of Iron Dome, David's Sling and Arrow.

In addition, the Zionist regime has interceptors and different air defense ammunitions which are used as an effective weapon to shoot down the enemy aircraft. However, the notable equipment failed to stand against Iran's missile and drone attacks and those missiles and drones were able to pass through the Israeli defensive line.

 The al-Jazeera military and strategic expert reiterated that Iran did not use its advanced weapons during the attack on Israel and it just made use of its old weapons, and many of these aircraft were sent to the Occupied Territories with a low speed and openly to mislead the enemy.

It is noteworthy that the United States, Britain and France took part in repelling Iran's missiles and drones on April 13 and declared their absolute support for Tel Aviv, but they also announced that they wouldn't like to increase tension in the region.

Al-Jazeera analyst, pointing to this issue, stressed that in the war where there are only Iran and Israel, the Zionist regime will have no chance [to survive].