Jun 20, 2024 06:24 UTC
  • Israel seeking to increase hepatitis epidemic among Gaza refugees

Pars Today - Hospital sources in Gaza Strip, referring to Israel's prevention of fuel entry to Gaza, warned against the spread of hepatitis in the region.

Saleh al-Hams, head of the nurse section of Gaza hospital announced that the Zionist occupiers have imposed strict limitations on entry of fuel and medical equipment to the region.

According to Pars Today, al-Hams called on the international organizations to take action for securing the fuel needed in hospitals. 

Simultaneously, the UN Human Rights office also announced that the Zionist forces have violated the rules of war in Gaza Strip. 

This UN-affiliated office has also informed of usage of weapons and explosives by occupiers among civilians and announced that the Zionist regime doesn't differentiate between military and civilians and kills all of them with these weapons and substances.  

Ashraf al-Qodrat, Palestinian Health Ministry Spokesman, pointing to the critical situation in Gaza a while ago had announced that 27 thousand people have been infected with hepatitis A stemming from contaminated water and food consumption. The occupying regime is intentionally destroying the hygiene and health system in Gaza with a pre-planned program while it disturbs the remedial services with attacking hospitals. 

Over 8 months of Israeli genocide in Gaza Strip and imposition of limitations on entry of food, water, medicine and fuel to the region has put the residents of this region at the risk of famine while the lives of everyone, especially the elderly and children, has been seriously endangered. 

According to the announcement of the health ministry in Gaza, the number of the martyrs of war has surpassed 37 thousand while over 85 thousand have also been injured.


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