Jan 28, 2023 07:24 UTC
  • Muslims rise up in protest across world to condemn Qur'an desecration

People have held monumental rallies across several Muslim countries throughout the world, condemning instances of desecration of the Holy Qur'an in Europe.

In Bangladesh's capital of Dhaka, Muslims gathered outside a mosque after Friday prayers to voice outrage over acts of blasphemy targeting the Muslim holy book by extremist European figures, AFP reported.

The rally came after a notorious Swedish-Danish extremist, Rasmus Paludan, received permission from Sweden’s government to burn the holy book in front of the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm less than a week ago. Paludan was being protected by the Swedish police while committing the sacrilege.

The incident was followed by Edwin Wagensveld, who heads the Dutch chapter of the German anti-Islam group Pegida's tearing pages out of the divine book during a one-man protest at The Hague.

Also on Friday, Iranians rallied across the country, including in the capital Tehran, to condemn the acts of blasphemy. They denounced the heinous incidents as acts of incitement and a serious provocation of the feelings of more than two billion Muslims worldwide, calling on European authorities to put an end to hostility towards Islam.

In Afghanistan too, angry Muslims marched in the capital Kabul and other major cities across the country, voicing outrage over the anti-Islam acts.

Bahrain bore witness to similar protests, with protesters marching in the capital Manama despite heightened security measures.

Senior figures have also vehemently condemned the acts of profanity throughout the world's Muslim countries, including Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.