Jan 30, 2024 16:19 UTC
  • North Korea fires several cruise missiles off its west coast

North Korea has test-launched a third round of cruise missiles in less than a week, firing the weapons into the waters off its west coast.

South Korea’s military said it “detected several unknown cruise missiles launched into the West Sea of North Korea” early Tuesday.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said that South Korea and US intelligence agencies were “conducting a detailed analysis" of the data.

The test follows a previous round of cruise missile tests on January 28 and January 24.

North Korea is not banned from testing cruise missiles under longstanding United Nations sanctions imposed over its nuclear program.

The country’s leader Kim Jong-un said in his New Year address that his military needs to go extremely tough to “thoroughly annihilate” the enemy in the event of a potential nuclear war.

The country test-fired its first solid-fuel intermediate-range ballistic missile on January 14.

North Korea says the US nuclear assets stationed on the Korean Peninsula will become Pyongyang’s “first targets for destruction” in the event of an actual conflict.

The US has deployed a nuclear-powered submarine in the South Korean port city of Busan and flew its long-range bombers in drills with Seoul and Tokyo.