Mar 23, 2024 07:27 UTC
  • Which Daesh attacked Moscow?

Pars Today - Iranian journalist "Morteza Ghoroghi" on the social media platform X (formerly called twitter), referring to Daesh (ISIL) claiming responsibility for the terrorist attack in Moscow, wrote about the role of the United States and Israel in creating and supporting this terrorist group.

Ghoroghi wrote:

Daesh officially claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack in the suburbs of Moscow, this Daesh is the same Daesh that went to Ukraine to defend this country against the Russian special operation, and it is the same Daesh whose wounded are treated in Israel and trained in Libya with the money of American intelligence agencies.”

Daesh terrorists on Friday night carried out an attack on a concert hall in the city of Crocus near the Russian capital Moscow, killing at least 60 people. Several countries, including the Islamic Republic of Iran, have condemned this terrorist attack so far.