Apr 15, 2024 06:20 UTC
  • Gaza kids slept with a smile / Selected images of Pars Today

Pars Today- According to Palestinian netizens, Iran’s crushing response to the aggression of the child- killing regime of Israel on April 13th caused Palestinians and their children to sleep peacefully at night while having a little bit smile on their face.

In fact, this attack caused the Zionist criminals to stop committing crimes against Palestinians for a night.

On the occasion of this important event, in this article, photos of smiling Palestinian children have been collected by Pars Today, some of which are old and some others are new.

A Palestinian girl laughing with her brothers
Some Palestinian girls playing and having fun
Innocent laughter of two little girls in Gaza alleys
Happiness and genuine laughter of a Palestinian child
Transferring the spirit of happiness among Palestinian girls
Smiling Palestinian children from Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza
Marreh and Hadil laughing. The father and younger brother of these two Palestinian girls were assassinated by Israel
Smiling Palestinian children passing by houses destroyed by Israel
Razan Shabat, a displaced and orphaned Palestinian girl who was injured in the Israeli attack. Her parents were martyred in the attack on the house where they were sheltering
Gaza children's happiness and their lack of attention to the disappointing events happening around them
A father from Gaza who lost his son in the Zionist regime’s recent bombings