Jun 17, 2024 13:44 UTC
  • Hajj, civilizational Islam and global resistance/ Towards a humane and non-racial unity
    Hajj, civilizational Islam and global resistance/ Towards a humane and non-racial unity

Pars Today- Bolstering of Islamic and humane relations, especially in West Asia while maintaining a global look, is a deeply-rooted, expectable and theoretical issue which must receive special attention during Hajj ceremony.

Paying attention to the status of Hajj in building the world social system is very important. This issue has been addressed in an article under the heading, "Gaza, Hajj and the opportunity for the civilizational and global Islam", which was published on Alef website. Pars Today presents you a summary of this article here.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution said in his annual message to the Hajj pilgrims:

The mellifluous Abrahamic voice which, upon God's command, calls all humans in every era to the Ka'ba in the time of Hajj… has created a glorious and varied mass of people; and has highlighted the human expanse and the power of Islam's spiritual factor in the eyes of oneself and others.

As we see, the Leader calls Ka'ba a place belonging to the whole mankind and thus puts special emphasis on the universality of the Ka'ba and Islam. In continuation, he describes Hajj as a symbol of common munificence of humans. In the end, Ayatollah Khamenei focuses on the issue of Gaza and asks for turning this year's disavowal of polytheists and oppressors into a global and popular disavowal comprising of governments and nations.

The fact of the matter is that, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, just like its Founder, has always emphasized on the civilizational and global (humane) view of Hajj. Meanwhile, regarding the issue of Gaza and the unprecedented decline of the Zionist regime among the world public opinion, the said emphasis has gained more momentum.

In this discourse, even people is a concept and implication which is not restricted to a specific geographical border. With a more philosophical look, the Islamic Revolution is far distant from appearance and material gains. A clear manifestation of this trend is the emphasis on the color of skin and race.

Another manifestation is excessive highlighting of geography and border. But, based on the revolutionary Islam, the inward is superior to the outward and appearance. Therefore, the exceptional dynamism and alacrity of the Islamic Revolution depends not on race and even sect of individuals, and it is never confined in borders. Even when the West, led by the US, imposed the 8-year war on Iran to harness this dynamism, and force Iran to be content only with domestic affairs and nationalistic propensities instead of pursuing civilizational and trans-border approach, it failed to contain the universality and civilization-building of the Islamic Revolution. On the contrary, the Islamic Revolution during the 8-year war turned into a unique source of inspiration, value-building and human-building in the contemporary political history.

It is worth mentioning that the West has tried in its historical experience of internal wars to turn from the idea of nationalism towards regional and even trans-regional approach. The formation of the European Union was the outcome of a historical trend whose early concern emerged since the sectarian wars in Europe and the next concern was shaped with the two World Wars. Now, too, the West knows that Ayatollah Khamenei's serious approach towards civilization means unity of Muslim countries and, beyond that, further personification and shaping of the liberating, justice-seeking and popular front all over the world opposite the model of globalization (Western capitalism).

This year, Hajj rituals were uniquely important during the recent years due to the important events which have taken place in West Asia. These events include the annihilation of DAESH to a great extent, further cutting of the US hand from the region, and undermining of the Zionist regime after the Operations al-Aqsa Storm and True Promise on October 7, 2023, and April 13, 2024, respectively.

No doubt, this year's Hajj has become conspicuous and distinct thanks to such a ground, and it can turn into a symbol and zenith of the civilizational Islam and global Islam which has been promoted by the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

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