Jun 21, 2024 13:30 UTC
  • Indonesian president: Israel must not escape from punishment
    Indonesian president: Israel must not escape from punishment

Pars Today- Indonesian president, stressing that Israel must not escape from punishment, said, "If this scale of crime had happened anywhere else, the world wouldn't have been silent."

Joko Widodo, on Thursday, expressing concern about the catastrophic conditions of the Palestinian people, said, "We are committed to address the root causes of the problem through ending illegal occupation of Palestine."

According to the latest reports, since the start of the new round of attacks of the Zionist regime against Gaza on October, 7, 2023, more than 37 thousand Palestinians, mostly women and children, have been martyred and over 85 thousand others have been injured.

The structure of the Israeli regime was shaped since 1917 with the British colonial scheme and through forced migration of Jews from different countries to the land of the Palestinians, and the birth of this illegitimate entity was officially announced in 1948. Ever since, many plans of massacre have been put into action for genocide of the Palestinian people and seizure of their whole territories.

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