Apr 05, 2024 11:39 UTC
  • How is discrimination against black people in Europe? / Black Africa, a cheap labor source for the West
    How is discrimination against black people in Europe? / Black Africa, a cheap labor source for the West

Pars Today - People of color, especially black people, have been struggling with hidden and overt discrimination in European countries for years, despite all the propaganda of Western countries.

Black Africa, which has been under European colonial rule from the modern to the contemporary era, has still not been able to overcome the structural, identity, and security crises imposed on it by Western colonialism and to properly utilize its human resources.

This is how many Africans are forced to go to Western countries in search of jobs and a living, and of course, tempted by the institutions in need of cheap labor in the West.

The West, which preaches a lot about human rights, seems to have a different reality in practice, one that revolves around discrimination against black people.

African workers, a source of cheap labor for the West

A recent survey by the EU Fundamental Rights Agency of people of African descent shows high levels of discrimination in all areas of life, from the labor market to housing and health.

According to the survey, which involved 6,752 people of African descent from 13 European countries, including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden, 45% of black Europeans have experienced racial discrimination, an increase of 6% from 39% in 2016.

Reports show that many black immigrants in European countries are heavily controlled by the police, and many of them are beaten by the police without any evidence of wrongdoing.

Black people in European countries are also placed in lower-paying jobs and social positions, and many of them do not receive the same level of pay as their white counterparts.

According to reports, even in the matter of marriage, many Europeans prevent their children from marrying people of color, especially black people. For example, the results of a new survey in France show that 46% of French people are against marriage with black people of North African origin.

The black British writer Reni Edo-Lodge says:

"Many white people on the surface deny and even oppose the existence of a hidden apartheid system, but because apartheid is so structured in the West, they sometimes even instinctively separate themselves from black citizens."

Also in this regard, Professor Ahmed Hankir published information on X social media platform and wrote:

"In the UK, black persons are 4 times more likely to be detained under the Mental Health Act compared to white persons. It's impossible, in my opinion, that racism doesn't contribute to this disturbing statistic."

Image of Professor Ahmed Hankir's post on social media X

In Germany, too, half of the black population living in the country are targeted by racists, with the number of black men with this experience (54.8%) higher than women.

A German civil rights activist and politician wrote in social media X:

"Is being black dangerous in Germany? According to a study, black people are more often affected by racism in Germany than in other EU countries. Even everyday situations are experiences of racism."

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These realities in the Western society show that despite all the slogans, people of color, women, and religious minorities are under pressure in Western society.

It seems that these countries claim to prioritize human rights in their propaganda, but in practice, neither do they adhere to it themselves nor do their legal institutions pay attention to it, and it seems that the story of exploiting cheap labor from Africa and war-torn countries continues to claim victims.