Jun 20, 2024 15:23 UTC
  • Horrendous sexual harassment statistics at British schools

Pars Today- The results of an opinion poll jointly conducted by the union of educational staff (Unison) and UK Feminista in Britain has revealed that one fourths of the high school staff in the country have been witness to sexual harassment at schools during the past 5 years.

This opinion poll, confirming a rise in sexual harassment at the British schools, quoting the female staff at high schools, indicates that they have been several times targets of sexual harassment by boy students or male staff of the schools. According to Pars Today, in this opinion poll, %10 of the high school staff in Britain have also said that for the past 5 years, they had been sexually abused at the workplace.

British daily Guardian wrote on the issue that %7 of women at primary schools and high schools, too, say that they were suffering from sexual abuse.

These statistics are mentioned while %42 of the staff who had witnessed sexual harassment at the British schools, say that they had not reported those cases as they thought it would be of no avail.

In the online opinion poll which was conducted jointly by Unison and UK Feminista in Britain on 20-29 of March, %49 of primary schools' staff, %9 of the nursery school educators, %8 of special schools' staff, %2 of the staff of the schools with both primary and high school sections, and %1 of staff of the sections who are engaged with children with special needs had participated.

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