May 17, 2024 14:00 UTC
  • From downing US drone to valuable moves of Spain and Belgium against Israel/ Latest global developments related to Palestine

Pars Today- Intense attacks of Zionist regime on the Gaza Strip, phone call of Iraqi Hezbollah battalions' secretary general with the head of Hamas political bureau, resistance front's drone and missile response to Israeli crimes in Gaza, downing of an American drone in Yemen, and cutting of Belgian university's relations with a number of Israeli research centers were among the most important developments in West Asia during the past 24 hours.

Bombardment of Nusairat and Rafah

The occupying Zionist regime, since the early hours of Friday, has bombarded several points in the Nusairat refugee camp located in the center of the Gaza Strip and the city of Rafah, South of this strip.

This crime has been committed after the Palestinian health ministry in the Gaza Strip, in its latest report on Thursday, announced that 35, 727 have been martyred since the start of the Israeli attacks to Gaza on October 7, 2023.

224 days have passed since the outbreak of the bloody war in Gaza, a war that has been named as the worst tragedy after the WWII and has left 115 thousand martyrs and injured and 10 thousand missing, 70 percent of whom are women and children.

Iraqi Hezbollah secretary general: We will spare no effort to help Palestine

Abu Hussein al-Hamidavi, Secretary General of the Iraqi Hezbollah battalions, in a phone call on Thursday evening with the head of Hamas political bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, praising the resistance of the oppressed Palestinian nation against the savage Israeli attacks, made it clear that the Iraqi resistance would spare no effort to help Palestine.

Iraqi Islamic resistance targeted Eilat

In view of this, the Iraqi Islamic resistance, on Friday morning, informed of drone attack on Eilat, Southern occupied Palestine in support for the people of Gaza. The Iraqi Islamic resistance announced that it had shot a "vital target" with drone in Um al-Rashrash region of Eilat.

Lebanese Hezbollah's missile attack on Northern Palestine

The Hezbollah of Lebanon, too, on Friday morning, targeted the North of Palestine with missile attacks. Aljazeera journalist announced that after the Lebanese Hezbollah attacks, siren was sounded in more than 15 places of Jalil Olya of the occupied Palestine.

Yemenis shot down an American drone

The army of Yemen succeeded, on Friday morning, to shoot down an American drone "MQ9 Ripper" in Northeast of the country. According to the Yemeni sources, this drone was downed in al-Khusaif region of Wadi Ubaida in the Southeast of Marib province, Northeast of Yemen. The drone was a product of General Atomics company worth up to $32 million. Earlier, the Yemeni armed forces had also shot down a drone of the same type in November.

Yemenis praise Spain

Meanwhile, a Yemeni official, on Friday morning, appreciated the move taken by Spain to prevent a ship carrying arms for the Zionist regime to deck on the coasts of the country. Nasruddin Amer, Deputy Minister of Information of the Yemeni National Salvation Government, a few hours ago, appreciating this Spanish action, called on all countries and transportation companies to halt any dealings with the Israeli ships and ports of the occupied Palestine. Oscar Poente, Spanish Transportation Minister, announced on Thursday evening that Madrid had not allowed an arms-loaded ship heading towards the Occupied Territories to deck on the port of Cartagena. This news was released as Spain, for the recent months, has opposed Israel for attacking Gaza and stressed the recognition of the independent Palestinian country.

Ghent university of Belgium stopped relations with a number of Israeli research centers

The Belgian Ghent university, too, on Thursday after the widespread demonstrations of its students in support for Palestine, decided to halt its relations with three Israeli research centers. Accordingly, Ghent university has cut its relations with the centers which collaborate with the Israeli army in manufacturing of weapons. Belgium is among the countries which have started efforts during the recent months to recognize the independent Palestinian country.


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