May 31, 2024 06:02 UTC
  • This way Global South countries have regained power

Pars Today- The Russia-Ukraine war reminds the Western observers that there is a world beyond the big powers and their main allies.

This world is composed mainly of the countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America which have resisted against clear partiality in favor of one of the sides of conflict. Therefore, war has focused its attention on Global South as the main factor in geopolitics.

Return of the Global South

During the decades of monopoly after the end of the Cold War, it seemed that the Global South had been pushed to the margin forever. Nevertheless, today, the Global South has returned. This return is not within the framework of an organized and coherent group but as a geopolitical reality.

Vastness of the Global South

The Global South includes large parts of the countries of Southeast Asia and the Pacific Ocean islands up to Latin America.

Indexes determining the Global South countries

Various countries in the Global South have several common features. The memories of the European colonialist dominance on some of them continues to shape the geopolitical thought. These countries, also, have highly concentrated on absorption of trade, investment and enhancement of the chain of value.

Wealth in the Global South countries

Many of the Global South countries have become richer and more intelligent than the 20th century and have learnt how to play with both sides (the US, Japan and Europe on the one hand and the coalition of China and Russia on the other hand) in order to gain interests for themselves.

The role of Global South countries in Ukraine war

The Global South countries have got a lever of power via the power of denial. All of the Global South countries have practically rejected the sanction which had been adopted against Russia after its special operations in Ukraine. Some of these countries have increased their trade with Moscow and have undermined the effectiveness of the western sanctions.

Dissatisfaction of the Global South countries with their weight in the world decision-making structures

All of the Global South countries are seriously discontent with their weight in the world decision-making structures. This marginalization is incompatible with the real economic influence enforced by middle powers.

Some of these countries have mineral resources, maintenance chain and, sometimes, innovations which are necessary for global growth and struggle against climate changes, and this very issue grants them more power in comparison with the 20th century.

The call for reforming of the UN structure

The situation of all of the Global South countries prompts it to have basic changes, for instance in the UN system. Yet, the reform in the UN will not occur rapidly. The United States continues to dominate the international financial affairs and this situation enables it to collaborate with its main allies to wield the lever of secondary sanctions which indeed target the Global South countries.

The future of the new Global South

The new Global South, with the lapse of time, can force big powers to, at least, respond somehow to its requests for further presence in the international bodies and refrain from participation in most of the proxy wars.

The new Global South will enforce its influence mainly through individual moves of governments on the basis of national interests. Their voice will be heard in the two arenas of climate change and countering the dollar hegemony.

Meanwhile, the geographical separation of the Global South countries from each other and lack of differences to impact their central interests will probably guarantee the continuation of their close relations in future.

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