Jun 19, 2024 14:13 UTC
  • Africa in the important path of ending colonialism / France announces less military presence

Pars Today- France has announced its intention to decrease military presence, especially in the countries of western and central Africa.

France has deployed its military forces for several decades in the west and center of Africa with various pretexts, particularly to help provide security and fight terrorism.

According to Pars Today's report, Paris now intends, according to President Emanuel Macron's plan, to reduce its military presence in west and center of Africa to nearly 600 forces.

This decision has been made with respect to the upsurge of anti-France sentiments in some of the ex-colonies of France. According to the sources close to the French government, this country has only 100 soldiers in Gabon, in the center of the continent and similar number of soldiers in Senegal in west Africa.

French soldiers have been present for long in different African countries, specially Mali, Niger, and the Coastal Africa. France has always claimed that it uses these forces to fight terrorist groups active in Africa, particularly those in the Coastal region. But, criticism has increased especially during the recent years against the performance of the French government in Africa. Many Africans are angry with the acts of the French military and consider their measures in accordance with securing the French interests. French companies are the shareholders of many economic agencies in different African countries. France meets part of its need to gold from Guinea, uranium from Niger, oil from Gabon, cocoa from the Ivory Coast and even medal-winner athletes from its ex-colonies.

During the recent years, with developments in some of the African countries, freedom-seeking movements have been on rise in Africa and they don't tolerate the presence of French military anymore in their countries. Thus, a movement has been shaped against the presence of foreigners, especially the French, in the region since last year. This movement has forced Paris to pullout or reduce its military forces in Africa.

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