Nov 21, 2023 14:06 UTC
  •  Massacring kids no victory for defeated Israelis, Palestinians’ triumph is near: Gen. Baqeri

Iran’s highest-ranking military commander says Israel’s killing of innocent people in the Gaza Strip does not translate into a victory for the occupying regime, noting that the ultimate triumph for the Palestinian nation is on the horizon.

Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Baqeri made the remarks on Tuesday during a tactical exercise by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Ground Force in Kerman Province.

“Today, the enemies are shedding the blood of children in Gaza and committing genocide. However, the killing of innocent people will not be a sign of victory for the Zionists who were defeated in the unparalleled and surprise operation on October 7,” he said, referring to Operation Al-Aqsa Storm conducted by the Palestinian Hamas resistance movement against the occupying entity.

“Definitely, the victory of the Palestinian nation is near with the resilience of people and the power of resistance front fighters.”

Baqeri further said the continuation of Israeli atrocities will expose the true nature of the child-killing Zionist usurpers and that of their criminal American and hypocritical European supporters.

The enemies, he added, have shown their brutality in Palestine, where nothing will stop their crimes and oppression.

‘Iran enjoys sustainable deterrence’

The top Iranian general also said the Iranian Armed Forces will demonstrate their true power on the battlefield and will spare no efforts to ensure the country’s security.

“If there is sustainable deterrence in our country, it is thanks to the presence, steadfastness and resilience of the armed personnel,” he noted.

The deterrence was built on “the latest scientific and tactical achievements as well as up-to-date equipment on the edge of global technology, which were developed by the country’s scientists and youth.”

Units of the IRGC Ground Force, including artillery and rockets and rangers, are taking part in the tactical military drill in Kerman.

Baqeri observed the drill to evaluate the Iranian forces’ offensive, defensive and operational readiness.

Moreover, Baqeri emphasized that the power of the Iranian Armed Forces is today well-known and that the enemies are fully aware of it.