Dec 03, 2023 15:13 UTC
  • Iran, Iraq share 'very close' stance on Palestine, Gaza war: Top general

Iran’s highest-ranking military commander says the Islamic Republic and Iraq pursue a "very close" stance on the Palestinian issue, particularly the ongoing Israeli large-scale war on the Gaza Strip.

Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Baqeri made the announcement in a meeting in Baghdad on Sunday with Iraqi Defense Minister Thabet Mohammed al-Abbasi.

Baqeri said the common stances of the Iranian and Iraqi governments, nations and religious authorities on leading regional and international developments are very important.

He highlighted Iraq’s high priority in Iran's foreign and defense policies, saying Tehran and Baghdad need to strengthen security and defense cooperation given the current situation of the two countries and the region.

Pointing to great achievements of the Iranian Armed Forces in the tactical, strategic and technical spheres, the top general expressed the country's readiness to share its knowledge, experiences and capabilities with Iraq.

Baqeri also said the Iranian Armed Forces are prepared to stage bilateral or multilateral naval rescue and relief drills in the Persian Gulf.

The Iraqi defense chief, for his part, said his country's nation, with all different political views, feel bound to stand with the Palestinian people in the face of the Israeli regime.

Iran expects Iraq to fully disarm terrorists along common borders: Baqeri

In a meeting with Iraqi Minister of Interior Abdul Amir al-Shammari on Sunday, Baqeri hailed the measures by the Iraqi government to control common border areas between the two neighboring states.

"There are still evidence and concerns about the presence of some terrorist elements in the borders, and the Iraqi government is expected to continue its measures until complete disarmament of these groups," the top Iranian general said.

He noted that joint activities of the two countries' border guards can help establish full security along the borders.

He added that 1,500 kilometers common border between Iran and Iraq "should be the border of friendship, trade and safe tourism."

The Iraqi interior minister, for his part, hailed the Iranian Armed Forces' joint cooperation with Iraq to enhance border security.

Shammari said Iraq attaches importance to gaining full control over all border points with Iran.

At the end of the meeting, Baqeri toured an exhibition of Iraqi defense equipment.

Back on March 19, Iran and Iraq signed a security agreement in Baghdad encompassing coordination in protecting the shared border.

Under the agreement, the Iraqi government had promised to disarm terrorist and separatist groups based in the Kurdistan region by September 19, vacate their military barracks, and transfer them to the camps established by the Baghdad government.

Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein said on September 23 that his country has implemented all clauses of the security agreement.