Mar 02, 2024 09:01 UTC
  • Iranian advanced satellite successfully launched into orbit

Pars Today - Iranian satellite "Pars 1", which is a type of research and remote sensing satellite, was launched from a space base located in Russia on February 29.

This 134-kilogram, state-of-the-art satellite is part of the research and remote sensing satellite series of Iranian Space Research Center and has been designed and produced by the country's experts for practical imaging, developing the market for domestic remote sensing data, and developing and testing the necessary technologies for operational remote sensing satellites.

Pars 1 is equipped with three imaging cameras that provide information on terrestrial resources in visible, shortwave infrared, and thermal infrared spectral ranges.

The color spectrum and shortwave infrared camera of this satellite capture 95% of Iran's territories in less than 100 days, while the thermal infrared camera, capable of night imaging, can cover all of Iran's land in less than 45 days.

Iran among 9 countries worldwide with satellite launch capabilities

The technologies used in the Pars 1 satellite include V/UHF frequency band communication link, wideband S frequency band communication link, X frequency band communication link, GPS position sensor, solar sensor, star sensor, etc. These technologies will form the basis for the future operational satellites of the country.

Iran has now joined the elite group of nine countries worldwide with satellite launch capabilities, and the Ministry of Communications and Iran Space Agency have achieved significant success in this field. In the past two years, twelve Iranian satellites have been launched into orbit.

Iran's Minister of Communications Eisa Zarepour, said regarding the launch of the Pars 1 satellite: "The country's space industry is moving forward rapidly on its path."