May 17, 2024 08:33 UTC
  • Ceremony to honor Iran\\\'s Sunni scholars and illuminati/Iranian Sunnis, real defenders of resistance
    Ceremony to honor Iran\\\'s Sunni scholars and illuminati/Iranian Sunnis, real defenders of resistance

Pars Today- The ceremony of honoring the religious scholars and illuminati of Iran's Sunni community was held at the behest of the Council for Planning of Sunni Religious Schools.

At the beginning of this ceremony, Molla Mahmoud, a prominent scholar of the West of Iran, delivered a speech and said, "We are in a decade which has been adorned with blessed and happy occasions and the people of this land, since old times, have not forgotten these days in which there are the birthday of Lady Masoumeh and Imam Reza and marking of sacred shrines."

 He added, "We are happy that, during these honorable occasions, such mercy-inspiring ceremonies are held with the efforts of the schools of the Council for Planning of Iran's Sunni Islamic Schools and other establishments. 

This outstanding scholar of the Iranian Sunni community stated, "As long as we try in the path of education and strive to preserve the works of the predecessors, the enemy will definitely regret and be disappointed of its plots and seditions." 

In continuation, Hojjat-ol-Islam Mostafa Rostami, Head of the Leader's Representative Office in Universities, said in a speech, "In the verses related to creation, knowledge is the first thing that God grants Adam after creating him. Between the gatherings of knowledge and worship, the grand Prophet chooses the gathering of knowledge and, in some narrations, a scholar has been mentioned as superior to a worshipper because a worshipper wants to save himself while a scholar wants to save the servants of the Lord. Of course, this scholar, too, is responsible and should not keep silent against oppression." 

Rostami, stating that scholars are the successors of prophets and this indicates their great commitment and duty, added, "One of the honorable domains of the Islamic Revolution is the scientific development. We don't forget how was the scientific situation of the country before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, so that [in] the center [capital] of the country we had to use foreign professors to remove the public shortcomings and basic needs of society."

In continuation, Mowlavi Narui, chairman of Khatam-ol-Anbiya specialized center in Sistan-Baluchestan province, delivered a speech, saying, "Strengthening of research programs should be heeded in order to encourage researchers and seminary students. Holding of research seminars and confabs, and heeding of interdisciplinary educations should be taken into consideration in a bid to create opportunities to exchange views and information in specialized fields." 

Mamusta Abdul-Salam Emami, Sunni advisor in the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, also, spoke and said, "Sunni and Shia religious scholars have always been the callers to unity for the past four decades." 

Narui then added, "The Iranian Sunni religious scholars shone well in the field of jihad of clarification and in defense of resistance and the oppressed Palestinian people. Today, there is an asymmetric and unequal war going on against the Islamic world and the mighty people of Palestine, and the most important point that the great figures have expressed is that Palestine is the arena of scandal for the false claimants of human rights." 

Sunni and Shia scholars and thinkers attending the ceremony for honoring Sunni scholars and illuminati


Mamusta Emami, then continued, "35 thousand oppressed martyrs, half of whom are innocent women and children, are plunged in blood and soil and the world has been silent towards it. Presently, Palestine is waiting for practical action of the Islamic world and this important point has been mentioned and stressed several times by Sunni religious scholars."

Sunni advisor in Iran's Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance stated, "Today, the world is before two great tests of Ukraine and Gaza. What great works the West has done for Ukraine! But it has taken no practical measure to defend Gaza practically. The Islamic world needs to wake up.

And this is a matter of regret that the American and European students woke up and came to the scene, while no single practical action was taken by the neighbors of Gaza except sending of shrouds. Many [of them] have even been proud of dropping food from the sky by helicopters for the people of Gaza which is not fitting the Islamic Ummah." 


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