May 21, 2024 07:16 UTC
  • A glance at Dr. Raeisi's scientific record and writings

Pars Today- Ayatollah Raeisi, in addition to religious courses and obtaining of high degree in the seminary scientific system, simultaneously had finished his academic education up to PhD.

Ayatollah Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi, in the Qom seminary, learnt principles of jurisprudence from Ayatollah Marvi, interpretation of the holy Qur'an from Ayatollah Meshkini and Ayatollah Khaz'ali, explanation of Manzumeh and philosophy from Ayatollah Ahmad Beheshti, course of cognition from Ayatollah Motahhari and Nahjul-Balagha from Ayatollah Noori Hamedani. He also learnt other courses from other noted scholars of seminary.

Ayatollah Raeisi, before finishing the medium courses in seminary, succeeded to enter the academic classic system in the MA of private law and, having defended his thesis in 2001 and being accepted in the PhD entrance exam of Shahid Motahhari University, continued his education in the field of jurisprudence and private law.

After completing his researches in the field of jurisprudence and law, he succeeded to obtain the highest diploma of medium courses (level 4) and, finally, defended his PhD dissertation titled "The Conflict between the Principle and the Apparent in Jurisprudence and Law". He obtained top grade of PhD degree of jurisprudence and law in Shahid Motahhari University.

In addition to numerous high-level posts in the country, at the repeated behests of Ayatollah Mahdavi Kani and Ayatollah Haj Aqa Mojtaba Tehrani to keep his contact in lessons with seminary students, since 2001 till the present day, he has taught high levels of seminary lessons such as Rasael, Makaseb, Kefayatein and Qavaed Feqhieh at the schools of Majd, Amir-ul-Momenin, Imam Hossein, and Marvi in Tehran. After leaving for holy Mashhad, in the beginning of 2016, he taught the topic of endowment jurisprudence in Nawwab University.

Ayatollah Dr. Raeisi has taught specialized courses of judiciary jurisprudence, economy jurisprudence, principles of jurisprudence and civil law at the MA and PhD levels of Imam Sadeq (Peace upon him) University, Shahid Motahhari University and the Islamic Azad University.

Scientific Record

Level 4 of jurisprudence and principles [of jurisprudence] from Qom seminary

PhD of jurisprudence and basics of law with subfield of private law in Shahid Motahhari University

Teaching jurisprudential texts at high levels and basics of judiciary jurisprudence and economy jurisprudence in the seminaries of Tehran and universities

Books authored

Book of "Inference of course of jurisprudence basics" (judiciary part)

Book of "Inference of course of jurisprudence basics" (economy part) 

Book of "Inference of course of jurisprudence basics" (worship part)

Heritage without heir in jurisprudence and law

The Conflict between the principle and the apparent in jurisprudence and law.

Jurisprudence of endowment

Some of the scientific speeches

Multiplicity of means of responsibility

Corrupt sale and types of it

Meaning of mortgage

Efficient management

Effective supervision

Reciprocal effect of judiciary and economic decisions

Status of supervision and inspection in Islam

Justice and its effect on lifestyle

… and scores of scientific speeches delivered in the economic, social and legal fields in universities, scientific centers and specialized seminars of ministries and organizations of country

Speeches in international conferences

Conference of campaign against administrative corruption in Africa

Conference of campaign against organized crimes in Argentina

Conference of administrative health in Sochi, Russia

Conference of human rights in Pakistan

Conference of role of Ashura in social developments- Istanbul, Turkey

Conference of constitutional implications in human rights preservation- Nigeria

Conference of international cooperation in campaign against corruption- China

Conference of campaign against administrative corruption in the Philippines and appointment as deputy of inspectors general of Asia

… and scores of other specializes sessions with the presence of officials of foreign countries

Scientific foundations activities

Founder of Fatimah Zahra Seminary (for ladies) in Tehran (Kuy-e Nasr neighborhood)

Founder of Imam Hadi Specialized Center of Shia Studies under the supervision of Qom Seminary


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