May 24, 2024 13:19 UTC
  • Iranians' message to world with massive funeral ceremony/Leader visits Raeisi's family

Pars Today - Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khamenei, meeting with the family of the martyred president, Ayatollah Raeisi on Wednesday evening, called the late president as a symbol of the slogans of the Islamic Revolution and described the love of people towards him as a message to the world in favor of the Islamic Republic.

Martyr Raeisi's father-in-law, Hojjat-ol-Islam Alam-ol-Hoda, his wife Dr. Jamileh Alam-ol-Hoda, his children and relatives had attended the meeting, where the leader described the loss of the late President Raeisi as a big and irreparable loss for the country.

Imam Khamenei, referring to the people's massive presence in the president's funeral, which was not hidden even to the foreign guests meeting with him, described it as a message to the world, in favor of the Islamic Republic, which demonstrated the popular roots of the Islamic Republic and its power; a power which is originated in the depth of the Iranian society and nation.

Photo shows Imam Khamenei meeting with the family of martyr Raeisi


The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, at the end of this meeting, prayed and sought forgiveness for Mr. Raeisi, and pleaded to God to grant patience to the bereaved.

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