May 30, 2024 15:25 UTC
  • Iran and China: Representatives of the beautiful and resilient civilization of the East

Pars Today - Iran and China have been messengers of peace and security for thousands of years, and this humanitarian outlook has paved the way for the creation of the Silk Road.

The connection between Iranian and Chinese cultures was examined in a specialized meeting titled "Iran and China: Cultural Capacities and Historical Exchanges". 

Here we will review a summary of the key points.

Amir Rezaei Panah, Secretary of the specialized meeting 'Iran and China: Cultural Capacities and Historical Exchanges':

The international system has always been based on power. After World War II, concepts and dimensions such as culture began to gain attention, and today we are witnessing the empowerment of cultural and identity theories. If we once talked about poles in the international system, today we talk about 'regions' that are not necessarily geographical but cultural and identity-based. Iran and China are two countries that do not accept the concept of hegemony in the international system, and beyond their historical relationships, they have a rationality that brings them closer together.

I am an Iranian in China!

Ji Kaiyun, Director of the Iranology Center at China University:

“Dear Iranian brothers and sisters I am not a Chinese researcher, I am an Iranian in China. Maybe my face is Chinese, but my spirit is Iranian. I have studied Iranian culture and history for 32 years and have fallen in love with it, and it has penetrated my mind and soul. In my opinion, Iranian culture is the same as Chinese culture in another place. That's why I always invite Chinese youth to come to Iran. Iran is the center of civilization, and many regions of the world, including China, have been influenced by Iranian culture. We have been brothers in history, and there are many popular books about Iranian culture and civilization in China. We consider Iran to be our brother. In the political sphere, we are also equal."

Ne’matollah Iranzadeh, Cultural Counselor of the Islamic Republic of Iran in China:

Ji Kaiyun is a renowned Iranologist and a source of new connections between the two countries, and his academic activities are worthy of gratitude.

According to him: This ancient historical and civilizational bond should go beyond political geography in our minds. Iran and China have never invaded any nation in thousands of years. Both nations are messengers of peace and security, and this humanitarian outlook has paved the way for the creation of the Silk Road. Iran and China should be able to present a new civilizational model for a healthy human life today, beyond Iranophobia and Sinophobia, which have been prevalent among some nations.

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