Jun 16, 2024 12:28 UTC
  • Terrorist group fails to enter Iran

Pars Today - The commander of the Border Guards of the Islamic Republic of Iran Police said that during a clash between border guards and a terrorist group in the borders of Saravan, Sistan and Baluchestan Province (southeastern Iran), 2 members of the outfit have been killed and 1 other has been arrested.

Brigadier General Ahmad Ali Goudarzi said: "Border guards at the Saravan border outpost, with intelligence superiority and using smart optical equipment, detected the movement of a terrorist group at the zero-point border for sabotage operations inside the country."

Brigadier General Goudarzi added: "The border guards with operational readiness, clashed with the terrorist group, resulting in the killing of 2 members of the group and the arrest of 1 member."

Referring to the discovery of a batch of weapons and ammunition, the commander said: "One of those arrested confessed that he was a member of the Ansar al-Furqan terrorist group."

According to the announcement by the commander of the Border Guards of the Islamic Republic of Iran Police, last night (June 15), the border guards of the Saravan border outpost also clashed with another terrorist group in the same region, inflicting heavy and deadly blows on them.


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