Apr 14, 2024 08:31 UTC
  • An image of Iranian UAV 136
    An image of Iranian UAV 136

Pars Today - Although the design of Iran's "True Promise” operation was not based on a final, all out war and not all of Iran's military capabilities and technologies were employed, it once again demonstrated Iran's missile power and its pinpoint accuracy.

The Iranian operation against the child-killing regime of Israel, which was in response to their air strike against the Iranian Embassy consulate in Syria, had the following characteristics:

One: The meaningful code name "Ya Rasulallah" (O Messenger of God) for the "True Promise” operation carried an important message: the Islamic Republic of Iran targeted the Zionist regime on behalf of the entire Islamic ummah (community) around the world.

Two: Contrary to the red lines set by the Zionists, Iran carried out broader and larger attacks not only from its own territory, but also beyond their expectations.

Three: In the "True Promise" operation, Iran and the Resistance Axis experienced their most offensive military operation, while not only Israel, but also its main ally, the United States, were in their most defensive military situation. Last night, the only thing they could do was to receive fewer missiles and suffer less damage.

Four: The "True Promise" operation showed that one of the most important military and strategic assessments about Iran is correct - an assessment that has been saying for years that the Islamic Republic can simultaneously unite much of the West Asia region into a cohesive front against its enemies and engage in military operations.

Five: Although the "True Promise" operation was not designed for a final war and not all of Iran's military capabilities and technologies were used, it once again demonstrated Iran's missile power and its accuracy. Iran only targeted military objectives, and did not make any mistakes in its precise strikes. It also demonstrated the inability of Israel's military technology against Iranian missiles and drones.

Six: There are many untold aspects remained regarding the dimensions of the “True Promise” operation, including the geographical range of missile launches and target areas, the number and types of drones and missiles, enemy casualties and damages, as well as the intelligence and operational aspects of Iran’s retaliation.

But the first definitive conclusion is that Iran has carried out one of the largest and most advanced drone and missile operations in the world.

Seven: Iran's "True Promise" operation also exposed various delusional claims about the military capabilities and technology of Israel as the so-called most advanced US ally in the region.

One of these claims was that Iran's enemies are able to disable its missiles and launchers through advanced electronic warfare technologies before Iran can take an action. The list of such delusional stories fabricated in recent years can be reviewed and listed.

Eight: The West Asia region is divided into the time before and after the "True Promise" operation. Iran disrupted many calculations, and more importantly than disrupting the region's strategic calculations, it conveyed the important message that Iran will now act based on new calculations, and the balance of power has begun to shift, and the other side has no choice but to accept it.

Mehdi Jahan Tighi