Jun 13, 2024 15:09 UTC
  • From %20 growth of knowledge-based companies to education attraction exhibition in Iran/ Some recent news
    From %20 growth of knowledge-based companies to education attraction exhibition in Iran/ Some recent news

Pars Today- The expansion of Tehran-Beijing ties, Iran's emphasis on usage of all capacities of Islamic countries to stop the Zionist regime's crimes, the growth of the number of knowledge-based companies and the increase of the area of Iran's forests are among the most important events of the recent days.

Expansion of Tehran and Beijing relations within the framework of "BRICS" and "Shanghai"

According to Pars Today, representatives of Iran and China, in the meeting of the foreign ministers of BRICS in Russia, talked about bilateral, regional and international issues and expansion of Tehran-Beijing ties. Ali Baqeri Kani, Acting Foreign Minister of Iran, and Wang Yi, the Chinese Foreign Minister, stressed the expansion of the relations of the two countries.

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman's emphasis on sanctioning Israel

According to Pars Today, Iran's foreign ministry spokesman, Naser Kanani, referring to 245 days of continuous and lethal attack and bombardment of the Palestinians and carnage of women and children in Gaza by the Zionist regime, considered the embargo of Zionist regime's commodities as the most effective move against the passiveness of governments and the UN Security Council.

Iran; serious player in global rivalry of food industry

According to Pars Today, Seyyed Mohammad Sadeq Qannadzadeh, deputy for promotion of international businesses of the Iranian Trade Development Organization, stressing the expansion of joint cooperation in production of halal brands, described Iran as one of the main regional players in food industry. Referring to the point that halal food industries are not restricted to Muslim nations, and many non-Muslim nations, also, welcome such products, Qannadzadeh added, "This shows that the concept of halal brand has become quite known in the world."

Iran's forests increase in area

According to Pars Today, the World Bank has informed of the %15 growth in the area of forests in Iran so that this area has amounted to over 10.7 million hectares for the past two decades. According to the new WB statistics, while forests are perishing with a worrying speed in the world, Iran has been among the pioneers in the expansion of forest regions during the period.

%20 growth of knowledge-based companies in Iran

According to Pars Today, Reza Asadifard, deputy of knowledge-based companies' development of the Iranian President's Scientific Deputy, informed of the minimum 20 percent growth of knowledge-based companies in Iran and said, "With respect to this growth, these companies have caused specialized employment of up to 400 thousand people and turnover of nearly 600 thousand billion Tomans.

Holding first exhibition of "Education Attractions in Iran"

According to Pars Today, the first exhibition of education attractions will be held on October 8-11 in the great Imam Khomeini Mosalla (prayer site) in Tehran. The aim of this exhibition is to form ecosystem, activate and introduce activists in the field of attraction of students from all over the world.

The international festival of the culture of nations and ethnicities and the artistic festival of the home of knowledge will also be held concurrent with this exhibition.

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