Apr 11, 2024 05:51 UTC
  • Twitter users request from Iran: Respond to the aggression of Israel to protect international rights!
    Twitter users request from Iran: Respond to the aggression of Israel to protect international rights!

Pars Today- After the Zionist regime’s fighter jets attack against the consular section of the Iranian Embassy in Damascus, Twitter users in their tweets, explicitly and implicitly, asked Iran to respond to Israel's aggression in order to protect international rights and counter aggression.

The April 1st attack by the Zionist regime against the consular section of the Iranian Embassy in Damascus was a clear violation of all international laws, including the 1961 Vienna Convention and the United Nations Charter, because the embassies and buildings of any country are considered as part of that country, and any attack on these places makes the right of countermeasures, legitimate and possible based on international law.

Twitter users, angered by the Zionist regime’s attack as well as the clear violation of all international laws, asked Iran to give a decisive response to Israel's aggression based on international law, even though it has not initiated a war so far.

British journalist, Sharmine Narwani wrote on X social network (formerly called Twitter):

I don’t know why Israel shuttered its embassies- other than for dramatic effect. Iran isn’t a rogue state, it cleaves to international law because it needs that law to protect it. The Iranians won’t miss this opportunity to retaliate against qualitative targets INSIDE Israel.”

Sharmine Narwani’s tweet about Iran’s right to defend itself

Nik Lawman, analyst and X network activist also wrote:

Iran has a right to expand all internationally lawful solutions in response to the attack and Iranians like me respectfully encourage your excellencies to support the enforcement of international laws to punish Israel for these crimes.”

Nic Lawman’s tweet about Iran’s response

Also a user named "Farzaneh. f" considered Iran's power as the one that brings security to the region. She wrote:

Iran’s military power in the region is not a threat to any country, on the contrary, its power creates security and the countries of the region can rely on this power; Iran will not initiate any war, but if a country wants to bully, Iran will give a firm answer.”

A user’s tweet about Iran’s defense power which brings security

Noah, one of the X social network activists, condemned the violation of international law and welcomed Iran's military response, writing:

“Iran will give decisive and regrettable response’ to Israeli attack ‘at the right time and place’.

“This action showed that Israel does not adhere to any of the principles, rules and international laws. This attacks also demonstrates the aggressive nature of Israel.”

The tweet of an X social network activist about violation of international law by Israel

Some users also called Israel's attack on the consular section of the Iranian Embassy in Syria as the violation of the sovereignty of Syria and Iran. “Rebirth” also prayed for Iran's right to revenge, writing:

“According to international laws, the embassy and consulate are part of the territory of that country. Israel bombed the Iranian consulate in Syria a few days ago, and revenge is Iran’s legal right, which will be done with force. God willing.”

Rebirth’s tweet, asking for prayer for Iran's right to revenge

The UnCover website wrote in this regard:

“This is a grave violation of the UN Charter and international law and a breach of the sovereignty of both Syria and Iran. This attack is of an extremely vicious nature… 25 years ago, China’s embassy in Yugoslavia was bombed by a US- led NATO airstrike… we feel the grief and pain of the Iranian government and people…

To allow impunity for such reckless acts would send a seriously wrong signal and would encourage even more risky acts… the red line of international law and the basic norms of international relations has been breached time and again, and the moral bottom line of human conscience has been crushed time and again.”

The post of the UnCover website about the violation of the sovereignty of Syria and Iran

Other users condemned the silence of Western countries in not condemning Israel's crimes.

A user named Zainab R wrote:

“Notice that no international law or convention is standing anymore. All international laws and conventions have been violated by Israel in Gaza and the West Bank...”

A user's tweet about Western countries not condemning Israel's crimes

Some users also considered Israel to be the factor of a world war.

A user named Jesse International wrote:

“Lots of throat clearing before Republican Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Mike Turner says Israel bombing another nation’s (Iran’s) is “a legitimate target”?

Yes, it’s not wise it could advance world war?

PS. International law?

Total madness.”

Jesse’s tweet about the formation of a World War by Israel