Jun 22, 2024 12:48 UTC
  • Imam Khamenei to judiciary officials: Most important duty to execute justice bravely and with no consideration

Par Today- Imam Khamenei, addressing the visiting officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran's judiciary on Saturday, described "settlement of people's problems and differences on the basis of justice" and "prevention of trespassing the redline of law" as the main responsibilities of the judiciary and added, "The most important duty of the judiciary is to execute justice courageously and without consideration."

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, in the beginning of this meeting, commemorating the martyrs of judiciary including martyr Ayatollah Beheshti and also martyr Ayatollah Raeisi, who had a brilliant record in the judiciary, sincerely appreciated the efforts of the head, officials and noble judges in this branch of power. According to Part Today, Imam Khamenei stressing that few topics have been highlighted in the Qur'an and other Islamic sources as much as justice, called courage as the requirement for execution of justice and said, "According to Imam Sajjad (Peace upon him), the judiciary should act in a way that the enemies consider themselves immune from oppression and injustice, and close friends are disappointed of unjust partiality. If this occurs, the very important issue of people's spiritual and psychological security will be provided."

He called shortening of the time of handling the cases, strength and mastery of the arguments of trial courts which lead to less cases of rejection of ruling by the court of appeal, and decrease of the number of reports and complaints to the Inspection Organization among important indexes which should improve with implementation of the documents of the judiciary.

Imam Khamenei expressed concern over the low speed of handling the cases of detention and the consequent prolongation of temporary detention of individuals, added, "These persons should be handled with more speed so that no one is placed in the prison tough condition due to prolongation of handling the case."

The Leader also, referring to the insolubility of the problem of some of the prisoners with debt, stated, "The problem of some persons who are not able to pay their debt even if they stay in prison for their life should be resolved."

Emphasis on the citation of judges to the domestic laws and not the sources of the Western human rights, continuation of field visits of the judiciary chief and follow-up of implementation of the decisions made in these visits were other points underlined by the Leader.

Then he summed up his recommendations, saying, "Act in a way that the public opinion considers the judiciary as the home of justice and center of administration of rights without consideration."

Ayatollah Khamenei in the end of his speech, reminded the presidential candidates of an important piece of advice. He described the presidential programs of TV as good and cause of people's familiarity with various views, and said, "All candidates love Iran and the Islamic Republic as they want to become a president in this system and for serving the people. Thus, they should not speak in a way that the enemy gets happy."

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