Jun 23, 2024 05:56 UTC
  • Iran has the lowest child mortality rate in West Asia/ A successful model despite sanctions

Pars Today - The Secretary of Iran Pediatrics Association stated that Iran's child mortality rate is lower than the global average, adding that the country has the lowest neonatal mortality rate in West Asia.

Despite international sanctions and political pressures, Iran has overcome obstacles and achieved significant successes in scientific and medical fields, thanks to the important role of its people. 

Mohammad Zonouzi Rad, the Executive Secretary of the Annual Scientific Conference of Iran Pediatrics Association, discussed the health status of children in Iran, saying that the global average of neonatal mortality is 11 deaths per 1,000 births, which is higher than 11 in West Asia, but 7.5 in Iran.

Zonouzi Rad added that this achievement is the result of collective efforts, training sufficient numbers of physicians and nurses, and providing necessary medical equipment and medications.

He emphasized that another success of Iran in recent decades is the significant reduction in the prevalence of infectious and preventable diseases among neonates and children, and the eradication of diseases such as polio and measles, which still exist in other countries.

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